Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now Isn't She Sweeet?!

There she is! Image number 5, Li'l Miss Poppy! This little dear reminds me very much of a character out of a fairy tale. Perhaps Li'l Miss Poppy is a relative of Li'l Miss Riding Hood? One of my son's favorite stories/tales is The Three Littel Pigs, so I'll have to go with that as my favorite too. His young reenactment of the Big Bad Wolf trying to blow down the little pigs' house of bricks is just too funny because along with all the wind that comes from his little chest, there is a fair amount of "rain" as well! ;D

Onto the winner of this lovely stamp! And one thing I don't think I've mentioned before--the winners are being drawn randomly, with the help of good 'ole Random.org!

The random winner of the 5th Belles 'n Whistles image here, Li'l Miss Poppy, is

"tjis looks like a it mightbe another cute stamp. I think my favourite fairy tale from when i was not such a little girl more a teenager was the little mermaid !niccix`aaaa"

Congratulations to you Nicci!

Drop me a line
regarding your L'il Miss Poppy stamp!

We've got one last puzzle to reveal (below)...this one is a favorite! They all are really! =) So do check back tomorrow for the unveiling of the first piece as well as to leave a comment at that time for a chance to win what Sneak-a-Peek Puzzle 6 is hiding!
Tid-bit no.7: Hmmm. Not much more to say 'cept that when this last puzzle is revealed, I'll announce the date that the stamps will finally be released for purchase!

Summer =)


  1. Can't wait to see this one!! Look foward to getting my hands on some.

  2. I can't email you privately with my details as it says i don't have the default mail client installed my email addy is purplenicci@googlemail.com if you want to send me your email address that way

  3. She is soooo Sweet. Lil Miss Poppy awe... I will HAVE To buy this one as my daughter is called Poppy! hehe


    Kimmi x

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