Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puzzle 4: Belle Sitting with Teddy

There she is...Belle, sitting with her trusty teddy! Don't you love those ringlets?! Elisabeth is truly remarkable! ;D

Thank you for the wonderful comments that you all left! I really enjoyed reading them! =) Belle's favorite toy and steadfast friend is clearly her teddy...she even takes him along with her while she catches a quick rest on her sweet!

My favorite toys happened to be a collection of plastic horses. I loved horses--even took horseback riding lessons as a child (10yrs!)--and while I couldn't have a horse of my own, I could collect plastic ponies to pretend and play with!

Well no more horsin' around, let's get straight to the winner of this lovely stamp!

Congratulations goes out to
"My favourite toy was my teddy bear, and I still have it. Missing one eye, but hey, who cares, he is still beautiful in my eyes :) He is almost as old as me (48).Looks like another beautiful stamp there! :) :)xx Marga"

Congratulations Marga! Drop me a line regarding your
Belle Sitting with Teddy stamp!

I've got two more images to reveal and give away, which means four more days left of Sneak-a-Peek puzzles! We're getting there! Come back again tomorrow to leave your comments on puzzle number 5, below!

Whoops! I almost forgot my tid-bit!

Tid-bit no.5: I'll be adding the stamps that have already been revealed to the website this evening so that we can admire them somemore, all in one place, LOL!

Hugs to you all!
Summer =)


  1. Ahhhhh!! What a beauty, can't believe I won :) :) *does the happy dance* :) :)
    Thank you so much Summer! I've sent you an email!

  2. Congrats Marga! Love the stamp, so cute!

    xx Naoual

  3. She is so precious! Congrats Marga!

  4. This is one of my favorites! Soooooo cute!
    Congrats Marga!!!!!!!


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