Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Second Piece...

Did you find it? Did you get a chance to leave a message there if you did? I sure hope so, that way I can enter you into the drawing (read about the details in below posts)! Above is what our Sneak-a-Peek Puzzle looks like with the second piece unveiled. I gave you a couple more corners as well--aren't I a sweety?! LOL! I will keep this short and simply say that a third piece is coming your way...IF you are able to find it! ;D

Summer =)


  1. OH Summer this is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I sure did find it and I LOVE it. and WANT it !!! LOL

  2. I found it, but didn't leave the comment, because I left it on the first one! I think I know which image is this and it's really beautiful!! :) But, I won't say,I don't want to spoil it to others. :)


  3. I have left a comment on for the 2nd piece of the jigsaw on the applicable DT blog. Can't wait to see more of this stamp.

    Jayne xx

  4. I left my comment where I found it, and I WAS RIGHT - I guessed it right... I can't wait to see more. =)

  5. I finally guessed!! I love it!! I can't wait for the store to have them so I can order!!!