Monday, July 27, 2009

Sneak-a-Peek Puzzle 5

Can you see what I see?

A starry puffed sleeve,
A pretty little eye,
An elbow, a finger,
A tiny bow, tied?

Here I present you,
Puzzle number 5.
Please leave a comment,
do keep the fun alive!

LOL! I'm feeling a little like an I Spy book and Dr.Seuss, all rolled up in one! ;D For the drawing on this stamp image, leave a comment telling us what your favorite children's story or fairytale is!

Come back here tomorrow for the revealing of the other half of this cute image as well as the winner of this lovely stamp!

Before I sign-off, another tid-bit.

Tid-bit no.6: International customers may see a few retail stores carrying the Belles 'n Whistles line of stamps, sometime soon!

Summer =)


  1. What a truly gorgeous stamp this looks like. She looks so adorable. My favourite childrens fairytale has to be Cinderella. I always read this book as a child and now I my 4 year old daughter loves the story. I love how a normal young girl can change into the 'Belle' of the ball!

    Looking forward to seeing the full release of the new stamps.

    Jayne xx

  2. My favourite fairytale when I was a child was Cinderella too - loved the rags to riches story!

    Hugs, Sem x

  3. Absolutely adorable... I can't wait to get these.

  4. This looks to be an adorable little girl that soo needs inking up.
    My favourite fairy tale was snow white and the seven dwarves, I always wanted to be able to talk to the animals in the forest and go to work with the dwarves.

    Hugs Beccy

  5. I love the images they are all so cute.
    Favourite fiarytale for me was the Princess and the pea - lol always used to pretend I was asleep and could feel the pea through all the matress's (goodness knows why!)

  6. Oh, she is absolutely adorable! I hope I get picked this time! Fingers crossed!:) That is a fabulous news for all of us international customers! :) My favourite children's story was a "Happy Prince", Do you know that one? When a dove helps him get his rubins and emeralds to the poor children. It doesn't have happy ending, but it teaches you so many things, like how to be good. I always loved that story.
    Thanks for a chance to win! :)


  7. Another real cutie on the horizon, so far they have all been adorable, can't wait for the launch, and the exciting news that they may be available in europe for retail. My favourite childhood story was Snow white, she was just magical with her cute dwarfs. I always wanted to be dopey, he was so.... cute.
    Hugs Suzi x

  8. This looks like another beautiful little stamp.

  9. This image looks like it's going to be another cutie. My favourite fairytale has always been Beauty and the Beast! I think it's magical.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. tjis looks like a it mightbe another cute stamp. I think my favourite fairy tale from when i was not such a little girl more a teenager was the little mermaid !


  11. My favorite childhood story was "The cat who though she was a mouse". The book is now totally torn up and frayed, and I really have no clue who wrote it, drew the images or if it is of Finnish origin or a translation. And the name kinda says it all, it was a story about a cat who thought she was a mouse ;)


  12. The Jungle Book hands down!! Love that story!!
    Another adorable stamp!! It has to be getting close!!
    Have a great day :)Kathy

  13. Cinderella for sure. So romantic!!

  14. Another gorgeous stamp, can't wait for them to be released! My favourite childhood story was Heidi, I still have my copy, a gorgeous fake red leather bound one with the most beautiful watercolours in it! Jane x

  15. I remember reading Dr. Seuss to my boys and then talking like that for awhile after I finished reading the book. Green eggs and ham is still my favorite.

    thanks much

  16. She looks so cute! My favorite story was Peter and Elliot the dragon. I had it on a disney record where a bell would sound when you had to change the page. I still have my record.

  17. Good afternoon Summer, oh thats easy hunny my favourite story has always been Cinderella, the happy ever after, thats it for me! such a romantic, still looking for the happy ever after! how sad am i ? have a lovely afternoon hugs Linda x

  18. I always loved the Dr. Seuss books, My favorite was 1 fish 2 red blue fish. I read it to my kiddos now. Such a fun book!

  19. OHHH I have to get this stamp. My little girl is named after a star. Now for my fav childhood story. I loved reading anything from Chris Van Allsburg. I was just reading "The garden of abdul Gasazi" to my children last night. Love Love Love his Illustrations and the storys are always interesting.

  20. Oh my gosh, too cute!! I would say Cinderella is my fav!

    Hugs, Kelly

  21. Ohh this is tooooo cute ;0)

    I love your stamps!

    Hugs, Janneke

  22. My favorite fairy tale growing up had to be Sleeping Beauty. I remember day and night dreaming about a boy waking me up from my slumber with a kiss. So romantic! It's a good thing I don't have to dream about it any more. I have my prince.

    Love the stamp! Liz, you're amazing.

  23. OMGoodness - she looks adorable! Can't wait to see the full pic!

    My fave fairytale was Sleeping Beauty (the Disney movie). Aurora was so beautiful and the Prince so dashing and it was so romantic!

  24. I meant Lis! silly me. :) How come I didn't know about your blog until now?

  25. Oh my see already looks really cute, Cant wait for the store to open I want to buy some!! I love elisabeth bell!!

  26. I liked the stories my mom used to read to me, like Pinochio. It meant some time alone with her and I treasured it a lot. She also remade Cinderella where I was Cinderella and my dog and brother were the mean stepsisters. It was hilarious!
    Thank you for the chance on the candy. She looks so adorable and hopeful! Maybe she's hoping that I win so she can move in with me ;)

  27. Wow gorgeous stamps glad i decided to sort through my favourites folder now can't wait to see them over here
    My Favourite fairytale was Thumbelina who being abducted by a frog had a few adventures before meeting her fairy prince got me thinking of the song now thumbelina dance thumbelina sing thumbelina thumbelina dainty little thing gonna be stuck in my head now lol

  28. She is adorable!! My favorite children's book would have to be Good Night Moon.