Friday, September 11, 2009

~ Funtastic Friday ~

After all your awesome ideas last Friday I shouldn't
be stuck for inspiration for a long time.
There were so many great projects to choose from.
A couple of people suggested some sort of charm/keyring
made with Shrinky Dinks - if you take a look in the
this was one of the first things
I did with Belles 'n Whistles Sisters stamp. It's a fun and
surprisingly easy little project to do and by turning your
charm into a keyring the recipient can take their gift
with them everytime they leave the house.
Another great suggestion was a candle. I love making
candles, each time I make one I'm continually amazed
peeling off the wax paper to see the image adhered to
the candle.
Quite a few people had the idea for note paper/note books.
Make sure you keep an out here because with Christmas
fast approaching a few friends will be receiving just that
(shhhhh - it's a meant to be a secret lol)
Anyway, as you know I decided to use Carrie's idea to
make a Trivet.
As soon as I read this I could almost smell the freshly
baked Apple Pie coming out of the oven and being placed
on the trivet on my kitchen bench - mmmmmm, yum.
You may be noticing a bit of a theme happening
here and you can be forgiven for thinking this Design Team
is infatuated with food - I guess we are lol!!!!!
Which leads me to my question to you for this week.
Other than an Apple Pie - what home baked food could
you see sitting on my trivet??

Belles 'n Whistles Sunshine & Apples Stamp
Plain White Tile
Hand Drawn Checkered Border
Copic Markers
Cork Backing
Gloss Spray
~ Peta ~


  1. Wonderful this stamp must be a fav I am seeing it every where lol loved the gdn edition to it by some lovely lady, I love the candle & note pad ideas, I never though of using tiles though mmm now you got me thinking lol

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Peta this turned out adorable!! I love it! I love food too! I could see lots of yummy things on this trivet. Baked apples, apple crisp, apple dumplings, Stuffed apple pork chops.

  3. love it! and would love to know how you made it too, please? Now a bramble crumble would look fabulous on that trivit and that's what I shall be making this weekend. We will take a basket and enjoy the late summer sunshine while picking blackberries from the hedgerows here in Cornwall. Then I'll pop them into a deep dish with a little sugar and add a topping made from flour, butter and demerrara sugar all rubbed together into crumbs. Bake in the oven until golden brown and serve with delicious Devon Ambrosia custard - mmm yummy!
    enjoy your weekend.
    love and hugs,
    annie x

  4. I have to go with Annie as I love Apple crumble served up with custard. Love the trivet, maybe it would be good to do a weekly project, to make where each of the DT team could do a tutorial on things like the trivet.
    Thanks for the great inspiration
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. Oh I am seeing a cobbler, brownies and chocolate chip cookies! Oh goodness, now I am hungry!

  6. Wow Peta your trivet turned out GORGEOUS!!!!!! So beautiful, love it!!!

    I can see homemade cookies and muffins sitting on that trivet...hmmmmmm I can smell all the goodies

    You know you have to do a tutorial on that next! :-)))


  7. Yeah I would love to see a tutorial too!!!
    This is beautiful and what a perfect image for it!!
    I wouldn't want to cover it up!! LOL but anything delicious desert would be fabulous!!

  8. Oh wow I would really love a little more detail on how to do the trivet?
    As for food a team after my own heart lol. I would love to see a crumble of any kind they are all so yummy or blueberry muffins, they must be blueberry mind because you cannot beat them on taste and texture.
    Kim xXx

  9. I'm curious about Annie's Bramble Crumble - is that a Blackberry crumble - I'm getting an image of kids with their cane baskets, jackets and gumboots out picking berries - mmmmmmm, yum

  10. definitely homemade bread or pies! :)