Monday, September 7, 2009

A Mouth Watering Monday

Happy Monday!

I have something crafty to show you today,
and I can tell you that this is definitely going to be a
"Mouth Watering Monday"

What did you think of Friday's Post by Peta?
I personally, can't wait to see her post this coming Friday
to see what she's created. You guys are the greatest.
Thanks for sharing your ideas with her.
(and the rest of us for that matter)

We just love to hear your feedback,
so today I will have another question for you.
But first, I want to show you what I have created using
the "Teddy Bear Picnic" stamp created
by our Extraordinarily Talented Elizabeth Belle.

This little box is filled with Oatmeal Raisin Cookies,
and of course to show it off, I had a little help from an adorable
teddy bear I know. He would love to help you eat them.
Talk about Mouth Watering!
I think this would make a perfect gift for anyone!
Everyone loves cookies, don't they?

I created the box, and then colored my image
I swear, this image gets more and more fun to color
each time I color it. Of course I added a few simple
embellishments to help make it all the more
Mouth Watering!
Should I really give away this adorable box of cookies?
since we value our customers feedback so much,
the question I have for you today is:

What other type of food related stamps
would you love to see

Belles n' Whistles come out with?

Personally, I would love to see little Belle with a
pig-tail holding a miniature rolling pin
while dangling a piece of pizza dough in the other
hand, standing on a chair as if she's helping.
(Talk about detailed huh?) LOL

I have such an adorable picture of my niece
making her very own tiny pizza with my mother
she was probably about 3 years old at the time.

The picture is PRICELESS,
and I think a stamp similar to that would
bring back such fun memories for us all.
Don't you think that little Belle would make the
most adorable little pizza maker ever?

We can't wait to hear what you think,
so please be sure to leave a comment and share
your "Mouth Watering" ideas with us.



  1. Well I do love the other fruits but so many out there: love the pizza idea as well. So I am thinking chocolate of course, then possibly candy canes for the holidays.

  2. Yummm, love the pizza image! Pizza and chocolate chip cookies are my fave - I can survive on those things forever ;)
    We all love cupcakes and icecream too!
    Fruits are wonderful! Apples are everywhere, bananas need a bit more love, lol!
    Thanksgiving dinner??? :)

  3. I love your box Lynda. I think it would be nice to have a stamp with Belle and her Teddy sharing an icecream. Or some cake, like a muffin/cupcake. Or how about a box of chocolate and the text "Life is like a box of chocolate" to go with it.
    Well, have a nice day.
    Kristin :)

  4. Gosh, love this stamp. I think Ice cream is a great idea for the summer too! Cupcakes are so popular, I love baking (I have three boys) They loved making their very own pizza putting all their fav toppings on the top great idea!

    I have the summer stamps from WOJ & Elisbeth Bell with Strawberries & Apples they were lovely too!

    What about Chicken Soup? I know when autumn/winter comes I love to have a good wholesome soup to keep the cold at bay, what about Bell holding a wonderful bowl of steaming soup!or standing at a cooker/camp fire stiring soup in a pan?

    Or Bell wearing a chef's hat with rolling pin in hand and a check pants on with apron (looking like a chef) this would be cooking over all though not a food, gosh I don't really know lol can't wait to see all the other ideas and what you come up with.

    Love Dawn xx

  5. Whippe Lynda, what a LOVELY yummy box!! I want it.. with those cookies IN!! :) Mmm I can smell them from here.. and THAT is something!! haha

    Lovely gift idea hunny, you rock! :)

  6. I'm still colouring in this stamp - it's a big one! I'd like to see Belle wearing a chef's hat and holding a big wooden spoon in one hand with a big mixing bowl cradled in her other arm. That way she could be mixing birthday cake, christmas cake or anything at all really! the suggestion of falling mixture from the bowl with a cute little puppy or kitty waiting to lick it up would be a nice addition don't you think?
    hugs, annie x

  7. What an adorable box of cookies and a nice gift.
    I would like to see Belle up to the elbows in flour with four dust on her face rolling out pastry, making apple pie. It brings back memories of when I used to bake with an elderly aunt of mine when I was a child. There could be a little kitten walking across the table leaving floury footprints. (Unhygenic, I know, but cute).

  8. Cupcakes are "hot" right now. I'd like to see a Belle with a cupcake.

  9. I love the "food" images that Elizabeth comes out with!! Love the one where the little girl is helping the grandma bake!! So cute!!
    Love this project as well! Perfect idea for this image!!

  10. Ohhh wowww Lynda,what beautiful,i love the image and colours.

    Hugs Riet.x

  11. I just got some time to play with my stamps today. I coloured in Sunshine and apples and Lemonade Anyone. They are beautiful and so great for colouring. :)
    Here is my idea: I would love to see Belle with Gingerbread cookies. Wouldn't that be awesome?

  12. This time of year brings to mind hot coco. As the weather get cooler I heat up my pot & make coco or tea. It is a great idea to make many gifts...a jar with coco, a set of teas or your favorite spiced cider recipe.

  13. hmmmmm - all of a sudden I feel like a cookie!!!! Great job Lynda x

  14. What a yummy treat box Lynda! Awesome work!

    I would love to see a cute girl or boy:
    *eating a big slice of watermelon.
    *with one finger/hand on a cake

    Food accessories I would like to see: (great for backgrounds)
    fruits like watermelon slices (it's a fave), apples, cherries, lemon etc
    Bigger cakes, cupcakes and muffins
    rolling pins, mixing bowls, jars and cooking accessories.
    lol! Sorry for the long post. :)

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