Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tutorial Thursday!

And the Winner is:
Good morning! and Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful stories about your Teddy Bear(s) or special friends, they were all so very nice to read and so hard to choose from.
Here is the winner of the sweet Belle with Teddy Bear stamp...
Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-09-04 09:10:42 UTC
No. 4 = Kim
Here's what she said:
A beautiful stamp and a great tutorial. I had two teddies brought
to me the day I was born 41 years ago and they still sit on my
chair in my bedroom. They are called 'big ted' 'little ted' I have
no idea why that is just what I always called them as a child. The
only story I remember about these is that when I was about 4 or5
we had gone to our holiday home (about 2 hours away) as we did
most weekendsand holidays but on this occassion my teds had got
left behind when we left to go homeafter a weekend and I cried
from the time I realised which I think was on the way home
through the next day. My grandad could not see me cry
anymore so went back for them BUT it began to snow and he got
stuck there for over a week!!!!He never let me forget it until the
day he died. Bless him.
Congratulations to you Kim!! What a great story, we can't wait to see what you will create with your stamp!! Please email me ( with your address so I can get this out to you right away.

Hello Blogland, it's me Jodi!! It's day three for the Stamp-A-Day Giveaway here at Belles n' Whistles! For those of you who have just joined us, welcome! Click HERE to find out what we've got going on for all of you from now on, you won't be disappointed! The topic today is Tutorial Thursday and the card I have for you today is created with Belle with Teddy Bear! Don't own her and want her, click HERE! My tutorial is how to raise your stamped images.
First, I have colored a full stamped image of Belle with Teddy Bear. Keep this on the side.
I have then stamped another image of her and colored only the parts that I want to pop up on the card.
Next, you will cut out those pieces and add some mounting tape to the back of each piece.
Place each of those cut outs on top of the fully colored image. Here is one angle to show you how I placed one popped up image on the flat image.
Here is a side view of the image as it is popped up. (Hope you can see that pretty well).
Here's the finished product!!
Now for your chance to win this adorable stamp, all you need to do is answer this...
What was the name of your favorite teddy bear and to briefly tell a story you remember about him. I can't wait to read your stories!! Good luck and if you've got this stamp and have made a card or project with it, please leave a link in this post, and I will be sure to showcase your card in my next posting!! Happy Stamping!!


  1. What a beautiful stamp. Sure would like to win that. Regarding my teddy bear. I did not have any when I was a child, but I got one from a boyfriend when I was about 20 years old. He won it in a lottery and have it to me. I named him Adam.

  2. What a fab card and a great tutorial, Jodi! Thanks so much for sharing. This is such a gorgeous stamp!

    I didn't have a favourite teddy bear when I was a child, but our daughter more than makes up for it now, with over 300 soft toys! Yep, that's right - we counted them a few months ago, LOL!! Her very first teddy was actually a duck we gave her when she was born, which she named Bo-bo as soon as she could utter a few sounds! She still has him 8 years later...bless!

    Hugs, Sem xx

  3. Great tutorial, thank you very much. Always nice to pick up new hints and tips. My teddy bear is called Pollyanna, shows you how old she is. I named her after the film with Haley Mills. Loved the film and love my Polly.
    Suzi xx

  4. A beautiful stamp and a great tutorial. I had two teddies brought for me the day I was born 41 years ago and they still sit on my chair in my bedroom. They are called 'big ted' 'little ted' I have know idea why that is just what I always called them as a child. The only story I remember about these is that when I was about 4 or 5 we had gone to our holiday home (about 2 hours away) as we did most weekends and holidays but on this occasion my teds had got left behind when we left to go home after a weekend and I cried from the time I realised which I think was on the way home through to the next day. My grandad could not see me cry anymore so went back for them BUT it began to snow and he got stuck there for over a week!!!! He never let me forget it until the day he died. Bless him.
    Kim xXx

  5. Hi,
    such a cute, stamp and thank you for the tutorial. :-)

    My Teddybear was given to me from my godmother, on my third birthday and I still have it, now, 33 years later. But I don´t know why, it never got a name, was always the "Teddybear" :-)
    I remember,I had a big yellow one, when I could barely walk and I always stepped on it in my playpen, to make myself taller :0). I don´t know, what happened to this poor bear.

    I really like Kims story, about her teddies and her Grandfather. :-)

    Now, whishing you a nice day!

    Hugs Kathi

  6. love your gorgeous card Jodi and the fab tutorial:)

  7. Love the tuturial. Will have to give it a try. The image has been coloured in beautifully.

    My favourite teddy when I was a child must have been my Paddington Bear. I absolutely loved to watch him on the TV and was so delighted when my parents got me one for my birthday. He actually wore toddler wellington boots! He went with me everywhere. It was only when I was in my early 30's I found out he wasn't a genuine one and was made specially for me by a nice lady my parents knew and they also knew how keen I was at the time to get my hands on one. I still have him to this day but is kept at my parents house.

    Jayne xx

  8. Great card you've made! :D

    My favourite teddy bear when I was younger was "Langøre" - "Long Ear", and it was a sweet rabbit.
    The funny thing is that my husband has the same rabbit, and his is even more "used" than mine! It's really sweet seeing the two rabbits together, knowing they were loved to pieces! :)

  9. A lovely tutorial and stamp to do the layering on as well, your coloring is lovely, and I do like the layout you used.
    I don't remember having a teddy bear when I was a child, but when I was in my late teens I started to collect teddy bears, until I had a collection of well over 100 of them.....but I think out of all my teddy bears I collected, my two favorites were the first two I got, Tubby and Snuggy, then along came George and Franklin and Wilbur, and so on and so on. Unfortunately when I moved from Canada to England, I had to leave them behind, but I did take Franklin with me.
    Donna xx

  10. This is such a cute stamp! My favorite teddy bear was a care bear that my parents bought for me. I don't really remember any great stories about it but I still have it (along with DH's old (I do mean old) pooh bear) and each of our children have used them as loveys. My youngest sleeps with them every night. That's the memories I want to remember! Thanks for the chance to win this beauty!

  11. Gorgeous stamp.

    So sorry but I don't think I had a teddy - well not one that I loved - I did have a very hard scary one with moving limbs and a growl. Hmmmmm strange childhood!!

    My daughter have had loads of cuddlies though all very loved.
    Ann xxx

  12. Gorgeous!!!
    I didn't really have a fav teddy bear but my sister did. She called him bear-bear and honestly she carried him everywhere she went for years when we were kids. He finally got so worn out that his head actually fell off because she always carried him by the neck.

  13. Thanks for this tutorial. I don't remember having a teddybear;-( but I had a CAT and it's
    name was Joujou, my past darling aunt gave it to me and it heard all my secrets;-))m

  14. What a gorgeous card and beautifully coloured image!fab tutorial too
    My fave teddy does'nt have a name but he means alot to me because it was the first teddy my boyfriend ever bought me ten yeas ago :)
    hugs amanda x

  15. Adorable card and thanks so much for the tutorial!!
    WELL I didn't have any teddy bears!! I was probably the only girl in the world who didn't care much for stuffed animals!! haha I just loved my baby dolls! But my daugher has one and loves it and its name is Luther!!

  16. what a precious card! that bow is amazing! and love the colors that you chose!

    I don't remember one bear in particular 'cause I always had TONS of stuffed animals. but I remember a beautiful Mother Goose that I carried with me everywhere - and a lovely purple puppy with flowers around her neck along with a black & white houndstooth boxer named Bruce! does that count? :)

  17. fab tutorial, and LOVELY stamp! what a great post today - i love following your blog.

    my favourite teddy was Theodore (clever, right?) - he came everywhere with me when i was little, and my mom and i moved into this big old house with a woodstove when i was 9. i used to leave Theodore leaning up against the woodstove during the summer months as it was too warm for extra heat, but my mom fired it up one day because she wanted to kill the smell of skunk outside. i was very, very sad to find a charred Theodore when i went back in that room to collect him up for some hugs and an adventure. he shows up in every photograph of me up until that point - i never went anywhere without him (except the bathroom or to eat). i miss that little fellow!

  18. THis is absolutely gorgeous! Your coloring is fabulous!
    As for a teddy bear I did not have one as a child BUT when I went off to college my parents bought me a very special one made in the South- his name is Clyde. Now I lived in the dorms and Clyde was never allowed to be alone. I was a resident advisor on the mens floor and when I was not available to be with Clyde I had several of the men on my floor who would "watch" Clyde for me and at time I would find him in the rec room watching the football game, cooking dinner or hanging out with the guys. It was hilarious- the guys would ask who is watching Clyde tonight? Today, some many years later: Clyde has matured, he can be at home with the cats now but he still has the best spot in the house- right on the living room couch! (I should send you his picture, he is awesome!).

  19. Great tutorial, Jodi! Thanks!
    Does Pooh bear count? :) My hubby (boyfried at the time) gave me a huge one on our first Valentine's Day! Not much of a story but that was the only one I really received and I still have it...from 10 years ago! It looks brand new too!

  20. Beautiful card, Jodi!

    I have two teddy bears, Mr. Bear and Mrs. Bear, that were given to me for Christmas 16 years ago by an ex-boyfriend. The ex is long gone, but the teddy bears are so soft and cuddly that I just couldn't get rid of them.

  21. What a wonderful card. Popping part of the image really makes the entire thing even more real looking.
    My favorite was a wind up Koala bear. I literally wore him out and he ended up with medical and duct tape onaround his ears and legs. Finally he was taken away so I couldn't wear him out any further. I still have him, so I guess that is good, but I still think I should have been able to love him until he was entirely made of tape if I wanted :). I don't think I ever did name him.

  22. Great card and fab tutorial. My favourite bear was called camel and that was because he was a camel. I got him when I was two then my dog chewed his foot off and he had to be stitched and was left with an abnormal foot. But guess what 38 years later he's still with me.
    happy crafting
    Tracy x

  23. My Favorite teddy bear was Red Estaire the dancing bear. My husband gave him to me on a date. Great card, love the way you colored the hair.

  24. Beautiful card! I had quite a few bears, I didn't name them all, except for one I remember I called him "Puffy Bear" I liked to play with him because he was soo soft :)

  25. When I was little I loved my Teddy I got from my grandparents. I honestly do not remember if or what I named him. But you would press his hand and he would record what you said, then you press it again and it would replay what it recorded. I remember scaring so many people with that bear sneaking up on them LOL I wish I had it still, It's one of the few memories I have of my grandparents, they died when I was little.

  26. Well, Teddy of course. I loved him "berry" much. I use to sleep with him and he chased all the spooks away. I must of used him alot for the last time I saw him he had only one eye and was loosing his stuffing.

  27. Wow, this tutorial was fantastic and the card is supercute!!

    When I was little I didn't have any teddybears. I remember that I got my first stuffed animal when I was about eight years old, and that was a cute dog. I loved him deeply and he followed me to bed an all over our house. I wasn't allowed to bring the dog outside so he stayed clean and neat enough.

    Have a great day.

    Kristin :)

  28. Guppy was the name of my favourite teddy bear - it was given to me by my Grampy when I was born and I adored him - sadly we got a puppy when I was fourteen who chewed him to pieces. Guppy had been through the wars before then, he was scorched when a piece of coal fell out the fire but he was a hero because it should have landed on me.

    The card is beautiful and I shall keep my fingers crossed fpr that lovely stamp.

    Beccy x

  29. What a beautiful stamp!
    About a teddybear, i didnt have a bear, instead i had a gorilla named Max. My grandmother got it for me from her mountaincottage. And oh, it smelled like it usually does when coming from the hand of an old lady - like old womans perfume. I tried everything but never got the smell away. I loved him anyway thou =) He just never got to sleep that close to me...

  30. Gorgeous card and thanks for the tutorial!
    My childhood teddy was a big yellow furred bear called ... Teddy! I must have loved him to death cause he now has no nose, not much fur and only one eye. Plus I used to spray my Mum's perfume on him so he stinks, but I'm afraid to stick him in the washing machine in case he falls apart!

  31. my favourite teddy bear is actually a rabbit, he was given to me by my dad's boss when I was a baby and I've had him ever since - I'm now 36. One of his ears has fallen off loads of times and been sewn back on, and I don't think he would meet any european standards or fire tests but hey he's all mine and I love him

  32. WOW! Lovely tutorial Jidi :)) Thumbs up! that card is so beautiful I say :)

    I know I had some kind of teddy when I was younger, but I was more of a doll and books kinda girl! LOL
    All I remember is that I used to have a row with mum eveytime I look for my favourite things and I find them in the washing machine!! I always wanted them to have "my" smell :) I sort of wanted to feel more secure, I think!

  33. What a beautiful card and fabulous image!

    I never had a favorite teddy bear as a kid but my son did. His name is Gatlin Bear. We purchased him in Gatlinberg, TN....hence his name. Gatlin Bear went on many journeys with us including a UPS ride back home when he got left behind in a motel and the kind Inn keepers had to send him back to us while our son anxiously awaited his safe return. My son is grown up and Gatlin is a bit worn with age but he is still with us!

  34. The only teddy I can remember having was a small pink one which I aptly called 'Pinkie'. My sons inherited him many years ago but I can't remember what happened to him.

  35. I was a blankie kind of kid, but I do have a fluffy white bear on my dresser that held a locket in it's tummy. It was given to me right before my son was born & that bear's name is Mister Man..just like my son's nic name.

  36. I didn't have a bear...I kind of remember a stuffed donkey. He was black & red w/really long ears. Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Your artwork is absolutely picture perfect!

  37. I really liked your tutorial, very well explained.

    Well, I didn't have a teddy bear and in fact, I don't remember having anything at all that I really cherished or had with me all of the time. That's kind of sad isn't it? Oh well.

  38. I love the tutorial and adore the beautiful stamp.
    My only teddy was called Joe Bear and was given to me by a dear friend several years ago.
    When we brought home a scared little puppy, I gave him the bear to snuggle with and it became his favorite toy.

  39. Hello Jodi,
    Your tutorial and card are both fantastic! I love the added dimension...the look is beautiful! TFS!!!
    As a child, I didn't care for teddy bears. I was a "dolly" type girl! I even slept with my dolls!

  40. Before my story I have to tell you I really like that card.

    My koola as I named my bear or should I say koala bear. We got it on a trip to Atlanta near Six Flags and I had to be around 8 years old. My dad got it for me. This bear started my attraction for koala bears. I would sleep with every night. Even as I grew older it would stay on my bed. If I got upset and be crying this is what I would grab for to comfort me. I'm now 32 years old (I know sad) but I still have it in my bedroom just in case I need that extra comfort when I get upset.

  41. what an adorable stamp, and i just love how you have used it!
    my favourite teddy was actually a mouse named mousey (original, i know, but i don't think i named him) he used to sit on my mothers desk at work long before she was married and had kids. apparently one day when i was young i came accross him and claimed him as my own. we went everywhere together. i still have him today, i even took him with me to hospital last year when i had my twins (my mum threatened to steal him back when she saw him!)

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  43. Love the stamp!
    My fav teddy was given to me by my older brother when I was young. His name was Boo. Boo sat on my bed for a long long time. I moved a several times and he made it okay usually, but your story just made me realize that he's not here. :(

  44. Love your card I had a teddy named teddy My grandma gave it to me .I had it so long he was falling apart .I dont know what happened to him .i think my mom got rid of him:(Thank you for the chance to win Hugs Sarah