Saturday, October 17, 2009

So Sweet Saturday

Hello beautiful Best in the World Belles 'n Whistles fans!!!

How is everyone? I hope that no one spent the last week wrestling with fever, like I did. It doesn't want to leave me!!! My goodness!! My lovely .. and "very" kind DT fellow members suggested me to drink Lysol.. hang garlic around my neck and some more lovely idas!! Yeah .. those girls!! Can you believe.. behind those gorgeous creations they make???!!! I'm tellin on ya now!! Sob sob!! LOL
They were fabulous, cheering me up and cracking me.. even though a bit cruel!

That's why I'm posting today.. not very usual on a Saturday.. but I couldn't focus much during the week! I HOPE you happened to come by today as well, cause I have something to show you. During the week I stole some minutes from when the fever used to let me fee for some time to make this set with the gorgeous Mmmm.. Yes Please!!

I have chosen to show you how these stamps can be fun and versatile. This is the reason why we're posting different projects here, after all. I made this project with Mother's Day in mind. All mums love tender images like these, especially on their Special Day, when they so remember when we were young! Mum just starts crying on this day when she sees me, and starts telling everyone how small I was born and how much I used to cry in the night!! hehe

So I'm sure she'll love this set, even though it has a boy in it (oh yes, I have a brother and sister as well)

I wanted also to show you that even though Elisabeth's images are all so detailed, they can be also paper-pieced. In fact I did that with the table-cloth and the checked dish-cloth on her hand. It really helped for that raised effect, don't you think?

I also chose to give this card a two tone look.. natural browns (even on skin) and different shades of blue. I loved doing it.

This other piece of the set is called a Metric Slanted Corner Box. I followed a tutorial I found here, and it came easily together. The sweets won't remain there till Mother's day,(can you bet?) but I'm sure my mum will really love this set with some small choccies in it :)

The sentiments are computer generated,for more photos, and if you want the list of things I used and Copic numbers, have a look on my blog.

Have a lovely weekend my friends, and do let me know that you've been here today please. I need some lifting up after all that Lysol!!! :)


  1. poor thing, Rosette! How you are feeling much better! Yes, defintely these two colors go well together! Your project is beautiful! Wow, girl, even with the fever, your work is stunning! Get plenty of rest and you will be better real soon, Rosette!

  2. Aw Rosette! i hope you're feeling super better! you didn't drink the Lysol did you?!?! hehe! this creation is just so darn cute! that box is gorgeous... great for filling with some of Mom's fave treats! TFS! Get better soon! hugs, Kris

  3. Rosette, this is totally awesome!!! I love the blue and brown combo and the beautiful way you´ve colored that adorable stamp. The paper piecing is something I didn´t realize until you mentioned it because it fits that great into your coloring. And this box is just so darn cute and beautifullly embellished.
    You did and amazing job, it´s even more amazing when knowing you were sick. And you know: we all love ya!!
    Big hugs!

    Kathrin aka Kruemel

  4. Oh Rosette, this is absolutely STUNNING! I just LOVE the paper pieces, it really does make the table cloth, and dish towel look REAL!
    Now don't go telling on a certain few that wanted you to drink the Lysol. You just remember who defended you! LOL Poor Girl!
    I'm wondering though, if the fever should stay now, after seeing this amazing creation of yours! LOL
    Ohhhh but we can't help but to love you! =)
    Great Big Hugs,

  5. Well glad that you are feeling better and didn't consume Lysol!! LOL
    This is just adorable!! I love this image and think it is adorable for alot of things!! YOur colors are so pretty together and that paper piecing looks fabulous!! I love it!! I am sure your mum will adore it!!

  6. Lovely project beautifully done!

    Love Dawn xx

  7. OMG Rosette, this is stunningly beautiful!!!!
    The colors are so soft and the combination of them is fantastic! Love the paper pieced parts, that looks soooooo real...haven't even seen it before you mentioned it! I love it to pieces....sooooo beautiful!!! Your mom will love it!!!!!!

    I'm so glad you are on the mend and I have to agree with Lynda....not all of us wanted you to drink that Lysol...LOL!!!!!!! We love ya Sweetie and still do rest a lot to recover completely very soon!

    Big hugs sending your way!!!!!


  8. This is VERY VERY CUTE!!! LOVE IT!! You have done a wonderful job of it!! Hope you fell better soon and the other girl's stop PICKING ON YOU!!! lol
    hugs, janny