Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Welcome to Day 22 of our Advent Calendar

Christmas is fast approaching,
Just 3 more sleeps until Santa comes!

Window 22 opens today with my Candy Cane Bucket

Won't Santa be surprised to see this sitting next to my tree?
I'll have to be sure to leave a note next to the milk & cookies
and tell him to pick whatever candy cane he wishes!  LOL

Here is a closer view of the image

To decorate this candy cane bucket, I used
"Twas the Night Before Christmas"
from our first Christmas Collection. 
It was the PERFECT image for this type of project!
This, of course brings me to todays question.

What, if any, is your favorite Christmas sweet treat?
Personally, I love my candy canes (obviously) and anything minty.
Andes Candies are another favorite of mine!  What's yours?
Leave us a comment, we would love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a very


  1. Yeah mints or me too - especially the chocolate cover variety.
    Ann xxx

  2. I'm not really sweet toothed so would rather have savoury treats any day not even chocolate, funny aren't I happy christmas Julye

  3. Hiya,
    I don't really have a favourite either, probably go with the anything minty theme - just because!!

    Hugs and Happy Christmas
    Dawn xx

  4. I love sweets but don't have a fav one. I love huzarski krapki, vanilijevi rogljički, medenjaki, kokosovi poljubčki, ... (these are slovenian names ;)
    I bake them all this year. ;)

  5. I like getting a big tin of chocolates for xmas :p
    Wow I Love the candy cane bucket! Are the images stuck on with double sided tape and is it card? I'd love to make one next year and have it by our tree.

  6. What a wonderful project! My favorite sweet treat at Christmas would have to be either Lindt chocolate truffles, or Almondillos. Yum!

  7. dark chocolate anytime, CHRISTMAS time enjoy peppermint bark

  8. My Favourite Christmas sweet treat has got to be chocolate. I love the choice of image for your fab idea of a candy cane bucket.
    Happy crafting and a merry christmas
    Tracy x

  9. I do not have a special sweet which I gladly like, but i love christmas cookies and baked them all by myself *mhhh*

    hugs and a happy christmas to all


  10. We have chocolates made to hang on the christmas tree. The kids love them and I love finding the last few round about New Year.

  11. Beautiful gift! The box of chocs is just appealling to me, thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi there

    My favourite wseet treat are cherry liqueur chocolates!!!

    yum yum!!

    Hugs Ali x

  13. My favorite christmas treat is a danish tradition (obviously as I am danish lol). You make a runny dough (kinda like pancakes but tastier) and then pour it into a special pan with round holes. You cook them on the hoob and turn them once. They are eaten warm with sugar and jam. We call them "apple slices" but they have nothing to do with apples lol.
    Hope you get the idea.

    Hugs, mette

  14. My favourite is chocolate, thumbs up for me all year round!

  15. ich liebe zu Weihnachten besonders die Dominosteine, lecker
    lg gila

  16. Love your bucket, it's a great idea and has the perfect image on it too. Now I am not a candy cane person myself or even a candy of any sort person I would rather have a shortbread biscuit or an oat & raisin cookie myself.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Kim xXx

  17. I got my package with my wins today and just wanted to stop by and thank you! I got the most adorable stamp that I've been wanting. What luck that I got it! It's the one with the little santa helper feeding a deer. So cute! Thanks again and happy holidays!

  18. spero di vincere... almeno per la costanza con cui ti seguo... ;-) oggi la tua opera è semplicemente meravigliosa

  19. Chocolate covered cherries! Oh yummy! This little pail is beautiful!

  20. I absolutely love decorated christmas sugar cookies!! Yum Yum
    Mary Lou

  21. How sweet is this treat pail! I love sour candies, anything sour please.

  22. What an adorable candy cane bucket...my hubby would love that...he's a total candy cane lover too! :) Gorgeous work! My favorite Christmas treat is corn flake balls (corn flakes with peanut butter) and of course my Gram's homemade caramels! Yummy!
    Hugs~ Kim

  23. Stunning Project and that image is just so adorable. We always have a chocolate fountain with fresh fruit, grapes, manderin slices etc on Christmas Eve, I look forward to it every year.

    A very Merry Christmas

    Suzi x

  24. What a beautiful project!! I don't care for candy canes except for in hot cocoa, but every year I give the kids the traditional Andes Candy box of mint chocolates in their stockings!! They "expect" it every year!! The box is usually gone that same evening!! LOL!! Merry Christmas to all!!

  25. Love this bucket! Gorgeous!! I too enjoy candy canes but I like the cherry flavoured ones! :) I also am a sucker for chocolate!! Yum!

  26. I love the bucket! What a wonderful thing to create and way to display :)

  27. my fave Christmas treat is Chocolate Mint Candy Canes.... mmmmm, yummy! hehehe!

  28. The candy cane bucket is fantastic! My favourite Christmas treat is handmade chocolates - not handmade by me i hasten to add but a little shop in town who make the most gorgeous belgian chocolates- totally yummy! :) xx

  29. I love your bucket! My favorite candy is After Eight mints.

  30. I hang the candy canes on the tree but I really like this idea of a candy cane bucket. There don't seem to be any flavours other than mint where I shop so there wouldn't be any point of having a favourite. Worth exploring the net for next year.

  31. Lovely candy cane project. I love marzipan fruit shapes.

  32. Biscochitos. LOVE them and only the ones my grandmother makes. She browns them perfectly just for me.

  33. I LOVE the candy cane bucket, that adorable images makes me think of my neice and nephew. My favourite christmas sweet has always been my mum's homemade turkish delight....yummy!

  34. My favorite Christmas sweet is the peanut butter cookie with a chocolate candy kiss in the middle. I love the candy cane bucket project!

  35. My favorite is a chocolate covered cherry!
    Yummy and so sweet.
    Your bucket is fantastic.

  36. My favorite holiday treat is my MIL's homemade carmel corn. It is so yummy..Your bucket is so cute. This image is so sweet..TFS

  37. I love my dark chocolate fudge! In case you're tempted, the recipe is my blog today. :o)