Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to Day 7 of our Advent Calendar

Wow - a whole week has gone by already.
Are you all having fun with the Advent Calendar?

Todays window opens with a card and a candle
that displays one of this months new releases.
"Star of Bethlehem"
I know you just saw her the other day,
But I adore this stamp, and had to use her for my project.

For some reason while I was coloring her, I started to sing
"Oh Little Town of Bethlehem"
I just love that Christmas Carol, don't you?

I thought I would share a little tradition that my family has.

Each and every year on Christmas Eve,
my husband, son, and I , always take a drive to see
what must be the biggest display of lights that any
one home has ever had. (at least that I've seen)
The house we visit each Christmas Eve, has actually
appeared in several local newspapers for having a display
of over 1 million lights.

Since this beautiful Belle is carrying a Christmas star,
I thought I'd ask you all how you decorate
your homes for the holidays.
If you use lights, what is your favorite color to use?

Personally, I like multi-colored lights,
and I trim the edges of our house in a fairly simple way.
I also like some small lighted things along the walkway.

So it's your turn, tell us all about it, we'd love to know
how you decorate.
In trying to keep this post short & sweet,
I have posted more details and closer pictures
of my card and candle can be found on my blog.
If you are interested.

The winner of Today's Advent will be posted on the
side bar, so please check back tomorrow to see
if you've won!

Have a Great Monday!


  1. We love to decorate out tree while listening to "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" we love to sing out loud with the Who's.

  2. Fabulous gift set, love the beautiful image and candle details, ,off to have a look at your wonderful blog. thanks for a chance to win!

  3. Beautiful creations - georgeous stamps :)

    I like to decorate with white lights outside the house - inside I decorate with lots of candles and figures of snowmen and Santa's :)

  4. Wow I love your creations! they are beautiful! i use white lights on my tree to bring out all the colorful ornaments... i'll add Christmas knick knacks around the house like switching hand and dish towels to Christmas themes... a plush snowman hangs on my door and lots more... Thanks for sharing your story... hugs, Kris

  5. Beautiful gift set - this really is a lovely stamp. I decorate with white twinkling lights on tree and staircase.

  6. Love your beautiful card :o)
    I prefer tiny clear lights which look like stars when the other lights are off.
    Jenni x

  7. I put the lights on the christmas tree (a mixture of white lights and multicoloured) then largely the placement of lots of baubles (no colour co-ordination for us!) is left to the children. I like that our tree looks a bit haphazard!.

    Thanks so much for this great chance to win and share things.


  8. No lights or decs outside I'm afraid (hubby's rule not mine) so I more than make up for it inside. If it stands still it gets lights put on it he he! I tend to stick to the rule 100 lights per foot of tree so seeing as I have a 7ft for the lounge and a 6ft in the conservatory thats a lot of lights plus the fireplace, the staircase, the porch and kitchen/conservatory we have no need to turn on the main lights at all!! Sending festive greetings, take care Ann-Marie xxx

  9. I love to use multicolored lights, which we use on all three trees in the house in the corner, and on the garland that drapes over two shelves and the garland that goes over the archway leading into the kitchen. It's lovely to turn out the main lights and just sit and stare at all the lights on the garland and trees, which really light up the living room. This year I have also decorated the hallway so it's a nice lead in to the main decorations.
    Thank you for the chance to win
    Donna xx

  10. we housesat at christmas for ten years when my son was young, we only put up a tabletop tree in our tiny apartment and enjoyed my sil tree at her home. three years ago we moved into our own house and my son and dh wanted a 7 ft tree so i had to scurry to come up with a theme, it is elegant with all white lights, gold, silver, red and bronze balls, faceted sprays, bronze organza ribbon as garland, crystal snowflakes and icicles but to make it real we chose to put our silver plated grinch decorations on it and the tree topper is a "big boy" bauble head doll. traditions can start at any time!

  11. I love your candle and card, they are really beautiful. I love white lights outside and coloured inside.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  12. omg what a wonderful candle.. its a work of art... and great card to go with it... wowzer your stamps have been done proud ...!!!!

  13. gorgeous!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  14. Hi,
    I decorate with wooden decoration which comes from a area called Erzgebirge here in Germany.
    Your candle and card are sooo pretty and dreamy. Like them a lot!!
    XX Kathi

  15. Beautiful card, love the image too, so... sweet.
    Suzi x

  16. Your card and candle are stunning! such gorgeous colours and details! For me it has to be white lights everywhere, we have icicle lights across the front of the roof hanging down infront of our windows and I twist some lights around the 2 bay trees at my front door. Inside I have twinkling lights on both trees and more lights on the greenery on the mantlepieces! hugs, Jane xx

  17. We don't decorate much outdoors - just a few white lights in a small tree of ours. :)
    Inside we use candles, angels and some Santas if they're nice or funny! :)

  18. Santa, Santa, Santa! It is the magic of Christmas in a childs eye that warms my heart. So now I have a collection of over 100 Santa's, many from friends with special memories attached.
    Your card is stunning! I can just picture a Victorian Christmas with it!
    Teri L.

  19. These are just beautiful! Amazing coloring and details. Thanks for sharing your holiday decorating favorite part of decorating for Christmas is putting up the tree and hanging the ornaments with the kids. The best part is that even with all the same ornaments every year, the tree still looks different from year to it's a whole new tree. :)

  20. Outside we have white icicle lights that my husband outlines the roof with -- it's pretty. We have a couple of "reindeer crossing" signs and things like that. Of course, some greenery.
    Inside is pretty typical. Christmas tree, stockings, the table is decorated with Christmas things.

  21. What a gorgeous gift set! We decorate the outside of the house with white lights in the shape of icicles (real looking ones, not just the string of lights that everyone seems to have). Inside the house, we have two trees. The full-size one gets multi-colored lights, but the small tree came pre-wired with white lights.

  22. Hola! Yo adorno más la casa por dentro q por fuera, en el Abol de luces navidad pongo siempre, prefiero las de colores intermitentes, creo que dan mas sensacion de alegría!

  23. I love the simplicity of white lights but my son prefers the multicoloured lights on the tree. I have a few decorations we place around the house but we don't put lights on the outside of the house in order to be more environmentally friendly. This year we hope to purchase the solar powered outdoor lights.

  24. We like to decorate our tree and outside entry with just white lights. We just add little things here and there within the house ... little decorative snowmen, poinsettia garlands, wreath, and Christmas houses that light up. :)

  25. Beautiful stamp and the most gorgeous projects. I love clear lights and loads of them.

    Ann xxx

  26. Love your candle and card - absolutely gorgeous!! My tree is special to me, it has all the ornaments that I have collected since my son was born (he's 38 now) each has one has a story and we like to recall them all each year.

  27. Your card and candle are just beautiful ! I think is my favorite stamp of this new set.... My outside lights are icicle multi-colored and the lights on my tree are all white I like the the way they show off the ornaments.
    Have a great day

  28. I like to keep the lights simple which means white and then have colourful balls to go along with them.

  29. Stunning card and candle. I love the colours. Makes a wonderful gift. I just have a tree indoors with coloured lights and decorations. A wreath on the door.

  30. Gorgeous set -- this image is perfect for a candle accent!

    We use white lights on our tree to simulate snow sparkling, but I love multi-colored lights on houses because they look like gingerbread houses!!

  31. Oh my goodness is this set breath taking! What an adorable gift set! Amazing work!

    We use multi colored light, and since we have an apartment we only decorate our balcony. :)

    Hugs~ Kim

  32. Beautiful projects, the image looks really sweet. I like to decorate my house and xmas tree with white lights, for the xmas tree I like to use ribbons and some ornaments and big start at the top.

  33. Beautiful creations! I love to use white lights both inside and outside the house. Hope to get them up by the end of this week ;-)
    Pauline x

  34. Another beautiful project! I'm so enjoying all of the inspiration from your Advent Calendar days, and in reading the fun stories. :)

  35. Wow these to items are beautiful, I just love that candle. We are a very simple family we can only put out one lot of lights due to the conservation location and height of our home but we always go with the multi-coloured lights.
    Kim xXx

  36. I love traditions. Me and my fianc´ee had one for a couple of years where we decorated a gingerbread house. We gave up on that after a few years since noone ate the stale house, lol. We have other traditions now. Since we don't spend Christmas at home we don't have a tree, but we have a tradirional light that's specific for Sweden. It's like a triangle with 7 lights on top if you know what I mean. It's very pretty to look in the windows here since a lot of people have that or a glowing star.

  37. Wow....the candle is beautiful!
    There's never anyone in my flat at Christmas, but we do decorate a tree...with lots of simple white lights.
    Helen x

  38. Those are beautiful! I love the colours you chose on your card.

    In our house we alternate, one year clear lights, one year multicoloured, that way everyone is happy, every other year!

  39. Before we decorated a lot but since the death of my father and my youngest brother, my mother dont like it so much. So we have a small tree with optical light in ( multicolor) and few others smalls things.

  40. WOW, this is a beautiful set!! Very, very nice!!!

  41. I see I won yesterday! I already e-mailed! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  42. Oh your card and candle is beautiful!
    The details you were able to get on the candle is just amazing!
    Great Job.

  43. I won't be decorating this year because I am staying with my sister but I decorate in blue and white. I use icicle lights and the top them around the roof line in blue. I have a silver and blue decorated huge wreath that hangs at the front with some a reindeer and two babies in lights! It's very pretty!!!


  44. This is beeautiful Lynda! And I agree with you....multi-colored lights, and lots of them, LOL! ;D

  45. Beautiful Image and Card... I decorate with red inside my house and with some lighting in some of my windows. Usually it is a star. I havent decorated outside.. But if I were to do so.. I would love to have white lightin on a christmas tree or something like that... I like to keep it simple outside.. But I love to light candles outside. - Just in the snow or in a lantern.
    And yes I love this Advent calendar... it is so much fun... Have to check every day! :)