Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year

Today is the very last day of 2010 and I hope that you all will have a wonderful New Years Eve! We all are looking forward to 2011 and my hope is that it will bring you all happiness, joy, health and of course a lot of CRAFTING TIME!

I want to share with you my very last card for 2010 made today - Every Belle wishing you all

We would also love to see your fav. 2010 card/project made with one of the BnW stamps.
Leave a comment with a link so that we all can get that very last inspiration.
So from all of us in the BnW DT team and our lovely Summer HAPPY NEW YEAR and see you all in 2011!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to All!

rudolph gif Pictures, Images and Photos

Apologies for this laaate Christmas posting! I got carried away in the festivities as I hope you all did as well! A quick little post, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas holiday and a joyous and peaceful New Year to come, full of health, friendship and happiness!

The randomly selected winner of the final Christmas give-away, a $25 gift certificate to Belles 'n Whistles is:

Janelle of Texas, USA

Congratulations Janelle (please contact me) and thank you to all of you who've participated in our lovely Advent event throughout this month!

For all of our recent winners...I'll be emailing you back this week and will be getting your prize winnings in the mail to you all...thanks for your patience! =)

Mele Kalikimaka (Merry Christmas) and best wishes for the new year!
Summer =)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Advent Day Number 24: Contest Winners!

Well! Can you believe it? The day is just about here! My how the time has flown by! I hope you're all ready for the festivities? Me...not yet. But there's still a few hours left, right? LOL!

Today is the day I announce the winners of the Ornament Contest! We've got first, second, and third places chosen and featured belown by their ribbons, with all of the honorable mention ornaments at the bottom! I truly want to thank each of you who participated in this special

Advent event. The ornaments are ALL beautiful and are ALL deserving of a prize. IN FACT, will each of you ladies contact me. I will be awarding prizes as follows:

First Place - Janiel, $25 gift certificate

Second Place - Ann, $20 gift certificate

Third Place - Mo, $15 gift certificate

and ALL honorable mentions (that would be EVERYONE else who entered the contest--pics are below)...a free stamp of your choice from the "Snowbaby" Collection!

It's Christmastime! Time for merriment and fun, for laughter and enjoyment, for family and friends, for cherishing old memories and for creating new ones, too. I wish you all a Merry Christmas Eve and hope you'll leave a comment for a chance at winning the last of the Advent giveaway gifts....a special Christmas gift certificate! I'll announce the winner in tomorrow's post!

Oh and before I forget!! The randomly chosen winner from yesterday's post (THANK YOU LYNDA FOR A BEEEAUTIFUL 3-D CHRISTMAS SCENE-BOX!!!!) is...


Please contact me, Summer, at: summer(at)bellesnwhistlesstamps(dot)com to claim your prize.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Summer =)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Window 23 is now open

Greetings everyone.  I truly hope that you've all been enjoying our Advent Calendar this year!  Haven't the DT been doing such an awesome job?  I think so!

And LOOK at all those lucky ladies who have already won - You could be next.....

I wanted to share with you all, the little thing I created... for.... Ummmm.... SUMMER!!!

I'm sorry Summer that I have not gotten this out in the mail to you, and now you won't have it in time for Christmas... BUT.... I thought I would take this time to share your adorable gift with all of blogland!

I have to admit to all of you girls... I'm having a hard time parting with this, because what these pictures show doesn't even capture how truly cool this really looks....  are you ready???? 

Here we go!...........................

okay, so what do you think so far? 

I have to tell you that this Christmas tree caused me to have some major gluey fingers! ha ha
AND... in this picture, there seems to be some glue showing on the tree, but actually it's Modge Podge
that hadn't dried all the way... I did not have time to do the tree over again, and I do believe that it will eventually dry all the way... but in the mean time, I kind of think that the modge podge on the tree branches look pretty cool.

But what I love most about this 3D box is the stuff that you don't necessarily see clearly in that first picture....
Well actually what I love MOST OF ALL about this 3D box, is the fact that these are some especially Spectacular images!  Elisabeth Bell, being the artist behind these gorgeous Belles 'n Whistles images, you just can't help but fall in love with them.  Right?

Obviously, I used "T'was The Night Before Christmas" from last years Holiday release, as well as some of the accessories from the "Change-a-belles" collection.  The Puppy, The Present, and the small potted Christmas Tree in the background.    But unless you look closely, up in the corner behind the BIG Christmas tree, you probably wouldn't notice the "picture on the wall"  It's Belle on her Rocking Horse...  Also another one of last years Holiday releases from Belles 'n Whistles.  She is called "Rocking Around".....

I'm going to show you another angle of this 3D box, and in it, you'll be able to slightly see what is back behind Santa... It's a fireplace or hearth, whichever you would like to call it.  THIS is not a stamp at all... I NEEDED the fireplace so badly, but couldn't use what I had from Belles 'n Whistles, because a certain 2 little ones were looking up the chimeny.... They are supposed to be sleeping, so that was out... This is actually a coloring page scaled down.... scaled WAY down....  But I just needed something there in the background....  

And last but not least, I know it doesn't show up real well in the photo, but you see those red things on the top of this box?  You will never believe what they are.... Well I'm not talking about the crystals that are from Magnolia.... I'm talking about the 3 round circles there...  They are actually lids to jars, wrapped in ribbon, and are the PERFECT size to hold tea light candles....  When the lights are dim, WOW you should see how that sparkles.  =)  Unfortunately I couldn't capture that part, no matter how many times I tried.

Alright - Alright, I will stop my chattering!!!  I can't help myself, that is what happens when I'm completely in love with something... and believe me, I AM in love with THIS!!!!

Alright, lets change the subject now....  I bet you are all wondering WHO was yesterdays winner....  Well.... I can tell you that it wasn't ___________________/......  But it is.....

Now we count comments........  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6..... Ohhhhh are you waiting for me?


Congratulations Girl.... 
Please contact Summer at: summer(at)bellesnwhistlesstamps(dot)com to claim your prize.

Noooooo I'm not a fruit cake... I'm just feeling a big silly today.... It's almost Christmas, I can get away with acting goofy... I think!  LOL
To enter our Advent Calendar prize drawing just leave a comment on this post... Good luck!

So Summer my girl.....  Merry Christmas.... this gift will be on it's way to you very soon.... Unfortunately NOT in time for Christmas this year, BUT....  It will be yours very soon!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 22 is now Open!

Welcome to Day 22 of our Advent Event here at Belles n Whistles! Today's challenge for me was to make a snowflake shaped card. I used my Cricut to cut the shapes and added some silver glass glitter and a snowflake ornament before adding my sweet little Snowbaby - Catch a Flake.

It's supposed to snow here on Christmas - how about where you live? Will you have a white Christmas?

I bet you would like to know who our winner from yesterday's post is.......

Congratulations to

Kim Gruetzmacher

Be sure to leave a comment on today's post for another chance to win!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Opening number 21 and it's Recipe day!

It's my turn to open no 21, but before doing so - I would like to say Happy b'day Mom!!!Yes - it's my Mother's b'day and we hope to be able to see her later today - if the roads are cleared from all the snow. 

Before I give you the yummy recipe - here's my card that I hope will give you some last minute inspiration. I coloured little Peek-A-Boo Snowbaby with my copics.

DP from my local craft shop Pysselakuten. Added little stickle to give the card that extra spark and some flowers of course.

And what's for dessert? Well - this is a recipe that I actually found over at BBC Food (thanks to my friend Anne) and am I going to try it - OF COURSE!!!

Baileys and chocolate cheesecake

100g/3½oz butter
250g/8¾oz digestive biscuits, crushed
600g/1lb 5oz Philadelphia cream cheese
25ml/1fl oz Baileys
100ml/3½oz icing sugar
300ml/10½oz double cream, whipped
100g/3½oz grated chocolate

To garnish
200ml/7¼oz double cream, whipped
cocoa powder, to dust

Preparation method
1.Melt the butter in a pan and add the crushed digestive biscuits. Mix well until the biscuits have absorbed all the butter.

2.Remove from the heat and press into the bottom of a lined 18cm/7in springform tin. Place in the refrigerator and allow to set for one hour.

3.Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Lightly whip the cream cheese then beat in the Bailey's and icing sugar. Fold in the whipped cream and grated chocolate. When smooth, spoon evenly onto the biscuits.

4.Refrigerate and allow to set for a further two hours. Once set, remove and decorate with whipped cream and cocoa powder dusted over the top. Serve.

And now to the lucky winner of yesterday's winner (picked by random org):
Gila! Please email Summer with your contact details.

To enter for our daily Advent Calender Prize - just leave a comment below.

Kram Anki

Monday, December 20, 2010

Opening Door 20 - Cracked Glass Technique Tutorial

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great 4th Advent weekend and hopefully could finish all your Christmas shopping. Just a few days left now ;-)

Today I like to show you how to create a cracked glass look on your images and put together a little tutorial. I really like the antique look this technique gives to the stamped image. Lets get started.....

Cracked Glass Technique Tutorial

Here is a list of the item's you'll need:

* stamped image, colored if desired
* ultra thick embossing powder (UTEE), clear
* embossing ink pad e.g. VersaMark, Perfect Medium or other
* heat tool / embossing tool
* dye ink of your choice to highlight cracks

 Step 1:
 Using your embossing ink pad cover your image thoroughly
with ink. I used Ranger perfect medium but every other
embossing pad will do the trick as well!

 This is how your image should look after applying embossing ink.

Step 2:
 Now generously sprinkle on your UTEE and make sure that the whole
image is covered well. I prefer to store my UTEE in a plastic container
and use a spoon to apply the embossing powder. I think it is easier to apply
and with less mess ;-)

 Step 3:
 Now take your heat tool and start heating the image until all
the UTEE has melted. I like to use a rimmed lid of a paper box
for this part. This way the image can't be blown away and you
don't have to use your tweezers to hold it. Which is difficult
anyway as the whole image is covered with embossing powder.

This is how your image looks like after applying your first coat
of UTEE. It looks bumpy. Don't worry it is normal at this time.
Now repeat steps one through 3 at least another 3 times!
4 coats is a minimum, I prefer 5 coats of UTEE on my images.

Note: In some instructions it says apply the new coat of UTEE
directly to the hot image (without using a new coat of embossing ink)
but this didn't work for me. My images always cool down faster as
I can apply the new layer of UTEE and the embossing powder wont
stick to the image. So I always apply a new coat of embossing ink after
each completed step.

 And this is how your image looks after applying your
last layer if UTEE: even, glossy and shiny!

Step 4:
Now put your embossed image in your freezer for 20 minutes.
(I always put it in the freezer for 20 min. In my opinion everything less
wont crack as nice)
Your image will be slightly curled after being in the freezer (see above).
This is normal too. You will 'crack' it by flatten it out. Now come's the
fun part. Start bending the image to get your cracks. This way you
will also flatten the image again. And don't worry. If the cracks
appear where you don't want them just re-heat and cool again.

 Step 5:
This is the image after cracking the UTEE. You can see the cracks
are barely visible. Now it's time to 'ink' your cracks.

Use a dyeink pad (color of your choice) and a sponge. I used
Distress Ink, color 'Tea Dye' and a piece of Cut 'n Dry foam. 

 Work in the color with your foam pad and you can see the cracks appear.
Wipe off any excess ink with a paper towel.

And voila ~ you are done.
Your image is ready to be put onto your card or project!

And this is how my image looks on my card. I decided to use it for my DT card for our new challenge over at our BnW-Challenge Blog! Where the theme is 'Happy New Year' - come and join us!!!

I hope you liked this little tutorial and I could get you inspired to try this fun technique :-)

Now you are waiting for the announcement of yesterdays winner, don't you? ;-) Here it comes....last but not least yesterday's randomly drawn winner is:

 Congratulations Sandy!
Please contact Summer at: summer(at)bellesnwhistlesstamps(dot)com to claim your prize.
To enter our daily Advent Calendar prize drawings just leave a comment! Good luck!

 Thanks for visiting our Advent Calendar today and we hope to
see you tomorrow when Anki opens door 21 for you!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 19

Hello friends and welcome back to the BnW Advent Calendar. Today the calendar says December 19th  and it is not long until christmas. I have just 2 more days at work and then I have holiday. I am still working with my christmas projects though. I haven't finished my christmas cards yet, but I still have some days until christmas.

I have made a tealight card for todays Advent Calendar. The image on my card is from the snowbaby collection. I have coloured my card with distress ink, reinkers, and added some stickles.

My card is decorated with snowflakes, laces and flowers.  

Now I will announce yesterdays winner of the Advent Calendar

Congratulations! Please contact Summer at: summer(at)bellesnwhistlesstamps(dot)com to claim your prize.

Thank you for visiting our Advent Calendar today. I hope you will come back tomorrow.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent Calendar # 18 - let it glitter

Happy friday! Can you believe it is only one week left until christmas? Are you ready - got all the presents, the tree and not to forget some yummy stuff to eat? Well, my girls went with their dad and bought the most beautiful tree that was out there. Do I have to mention it was also the biggest?LOL It is that big, it even didn´t fit through the machine they use to put the transportation nets over it... Love it - the girls and the tree!

Okay, on to today´s card... Honestly, I am so happy that it won´t be long and there won´t be any christmas cards to make for a little while. So I decided to do a winter card for my glitter theme today. I used those frosty blues and white - and lots of silver glittery paper. Doesn´t it look like snow glizzning in the sun?

I used "Snowfight" for this card. Can you see all the fun Belle is having out there with her snowy friend that´s protecting her from snowballs coming her way? Oh, and better be prepared or she will hit you with one of hers!

We have lots of snow here in Germany at the moment and there´s still more falling. So we are really looking forward to a white christmas! WooHoo! And before I leave you for today to have a fun snowball fight with my girls in the backjard I am telling you who won yesterday´s stamp. It´s Leatitia! Congrats to you - please email Summer to claim your prize.

So, I am going to put my snowpants on - and you should leave me a little comment to have a chance to win some candy!

Friday, December 17, 2010

The 17th Day of Winter Wonderland Fun!

Hi everyone I'm Mina from Northern Ireland and I'm so honoured that the fabulous Summer has asked me to be a guest for the Belles and Whistles advent, are you all enjoying the advent I love them and they always remind me of the excitement my Daughter had every morning, we used to instead of the usual advent make her an Advent goody bag with 24 teeny little presents in and she got to dip into it every morning, the gifts were either something sweet to eat or maybe a girly thing like nail varnish or even a silly little joke gift but no matter how small she loved it so much and although shes 26 now we only stopped doing her Advent when she moved out last year (I know I should have stopped years ago but I couldnt resist)...I got to use this stunning Merry Sledding stamp for my card, isn't she so sweet and pretty and shes wonderful to colour, I use Distress inks for my colouring. I really wanted the image to pop off the page and what better way of showing her then to use just white card for the background, the 'snow' is made with linen card and scored to make it 3d, I used the same method for the star a little bit of twinkling frost and we have a winter wonderland.

Do you have anything you do with your kids that makes Christmas an even more special time of the year, I would love to know as Christmas is all about the children and its such a magical time for them isn't it.

I want to wish you all a wonderfully Happy Christmas and a joyous New Year and thank you Summer for letting me join in

Mina xxx

And now for the winner of yesterday's quiz question: What was the largest stamp produced by Belles 'n Whistles?......most of you got this one correct! The largest stamp produced by Belles 'n Whistles was indeed "Teddy Bear Picnic" it's red rubber form! This stamp was one of the first stamps released back in July of 2009, measuring then at a whoping 5" in length by 3" in height...whew! The new, clear version is smaller in size, but the largest stamp ever produced by Belles 'n Whistles is and will always be, Teddy Bear Picnic!

The randomly selected winner from the correct answers was: Good Kardma by Jules! Please contact me, Summer, with your mailing details for your Advent Goody Bag!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Advent Calendar Day 16

Hi! It's Gini - I hope you have been enjoying our Advent Calendar Event as much as we have enjoyed sharing it with you!

I don't have a project to share with you today, but instead I am sending you to solve a little mystery...

What was the largest Rubber Stamp that BnW produced?

Be sure and leave your answer under the comments - a winner will be drawn from the correct answers.

Now for the winner of yesterday's post.....

Congratulations to


Please contact Summer with your shipping information at:
to receive your surprise package!

Thank you for visiting our Advent Calendar today, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the opening of Day 17!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent Day 15 - Spotlighting YOU!!

Hello friends and welcome to day 15 of our Advent Calendar!

When it comes to the business of crafting, and especially around this time of year when things tend to get hurried or you are pressed for time and need to come up with an idea, this is something that I really like to do myself, and that is finding inspiration from my other crafty friends!
I am so blessed to be among so many talented people who love to share their talents!

It never fails that someone has always come up with a clever idea! :)  I am very excited to post today as I get to share some inspiration and SPOTLIGHT YOU in it!!  So please join me in recognizing these really brilliant creations:
This card is so sweet and I feel in love with everything about it!  This person has used one of my fav images from the Belles 'n Whistles Snow Babies Collection called Catch-a-Flake.
I just love how she's cut out the image and popped her out on the card!  The added snowflakes are wonderful!
Please leave some love for Kerri Michaud on her wonderful card in the BnW gallery!  And thank you to Kerri for sharing your creations with us in the gallery! We love seeing what you make!

I thought it would also be fun for you to also see some peeks at the ornaments that have been made for the Belles 'n Whistles ornament contest!!   Check out a couple of these fun ornaments so far:
Here are two beautiful ornaments with the sweet Belles 'n Whistles image A Child's Prayer.
I love how Vanja chose to emboss the image!

And here is another really sweet ornament using the same image created by Mo.
What an elegant and creative idea!

Thank you girls for the entering the ornament contest and good luck to you both!  I really hope to see lots more ornaments in the gallery!  We so enjoy looking at what you create with the BnW images!

If you haven't shared your Belles 'n Whistles creations in our Belles 'n Whistles gallery, I really encourage you to do so because you never know when you might be spotlighted!!  AND if you are looking for some Belles 'n Whistles Holiday inspiration, the gallery is such a wonderful place to go for ideas!

So now that you are inspired....I'm sure you are ready to get out those Belles 'n Whistles images and start creating an ornament for the contest....RIGHT?!!!  *Remember that you MUST use a Belles 'n Whistles image on your creation to qualify and you must up-load it to the Belles 'n Whistles ornament gallery!*
There are going to be THREE prizes I'm sure you don't want to miss out on that!!
You can CLICK HERE for the full and complete details.

OH...and I'm sure you don't want me leaving this post without telling you who the winner from yesterday's comments were...right?!!

The winner for today is the lucky................

Kathi  Yay! Congratulations to you!!
Please contact Summer with your shipping information:
to receive your fun goodies!!!

Thanks so much for joining us during our Advent Calendar Event!  We hope you are enjoying the posts and all the inspiration, prizes and FUN!!  Please come back again tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Advent Calendar Day 14

Hello to all of you.
 I am so glad that you are back. I hope you like our advent calendar and that you find inspiration here at the Bnw blog these days. I have started baking the christmas cookies, and I need  a box for some of them. Therefor I have decorated one. I am thinking of giving this box away as a gift, filled with home made christmas cookies.


 I have used a BnW stamp for my box. The image is coloured with distress ink, reinkers. I have used spellbinder dies to cut out the image. The box is decorated with flowers, a lace and pearls.

The box is also decorated with hearts. They are cut out with my qk tool.

 Now I will anounce yesterdays winner:

Please contact Summer with your shipping information:
to receive your package

Thank you for visiting our advent calendar today. I hope you will be back tomorrow.

Hugs Audhild

Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to Day 13 of our Advent Calendar!

Hello Friends!  I bet you're all having a TON of fun with our Advent Celebration!  :)  Yayyy!

Well, hmmmm.  I kept pondering over customary things we did for Christmas in the U.S. .. and I couldn't remember any!  So I'll share with you a story I remember when I was a little girl.  :)

My first experience with snow was an unforgettable one!  When I was about 8 years old, I finally went up to the mountains with some relatives and my friend to have some fun in the snow.  My friend and I were SO excited and anxious!

But let me tell you ... we were dressed all WRONG!  I had jeans on, with NO gloves, plain 'ol sneakers that got wet, and a jacket that needed to be a LOT warmer!  lol!  My friend and I spent about 15 minutes in the snow, and "whhhoooosh" .. we were zooming back in the truck to get warm and refused to go back out ..  LOL!  So, my uncle shoveled snow into the back of his truck and we all headed back home to play in a "warmer" climate!  Whew!  That was a lot better!  hehe!  So since then .. I always dress properly when snow is involved.  hehe!

For my card that I'm showing today, I've used 2 stamps from The Snowbabies Collection!  For the front of my card, I used Peekaboo Snowbaby.  And for the inside, I used Snow Angel Snowbaby .. and I cut her out with a circle nestie.  Aren't they SO adorable?!!!  And these cuties look ECSTATIC to be frolicking in the snow!!!  Do you know why?  Because they're dressed PROPERLY!  LOL!

Okay, so on to yesterdays lucky winner!  It is:
Congratulations to you!
Please contact Summer with your shipping information at: 
to receive your surprise package!

Thank you for visiting our Advent Calendar today, and don't forget to come back tomorrow for the opening of Day 14!  :)

Love and Warm Hugs,

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advent Calendar # 12 - a tutorial

Hello to all! It´s Kathrin here and it´s my turn to share a christmas idea with you today. Christmas comes closer and closer each day! There are so many gifts left to craft and wrap - and I´d like to show you a little box today that is made quickly but is a little gift on itself.

You need
1 sheet cardstock, 12" x 12"

doublesided tape
scissors and cutter


The template for the box is made from 2 pieces. Please download both pdf from here (part 1) and here (part 2) and print them with your home printer. Then you need to put the template together. You´ll see that a part of the template is printed on both of the pages. Put those on top of each other and fix the pages together.

Now you can transfer the template to your cardstock. Please don´t make the lines with a black marker like I did - I only did it wo make it easier for you to see the single steps.

Cut out the shape on the outer lines (the broken lines are for folding). Cut out the shaded areas.

Use your bonefolder and ruler to score the broken lines. Then fold the paper following the scored lines.

Turn your paper upside down (inside facing the table) and put some sticky strip to the both areas on the bottom of your template (unfortunately mine had a white backing but I wrote "Klebeband" on it to make it easier for you to see it).

Now you can put the box together. (I changed the paper here since I didn´t want the black lines to appear on my finished box.)

Now you can close the box. The areas with the slanted scoring lines will fold inside the boxes, the middle strip will fold in half and go flat between the both box parts to the left and right.

All you need to do now is finishing your box with some decoration and an image.

Before I am sending you to your craft tables to make your own boxes I am announcing yesterday´s winner, picked at random: it´s Gina L from Gina Speak. Congrats! Please contact Summer at summer(at)bellesnwhistlesstamps(dot)com with your shipping details so she can send out your prize.

Don´t be sad if you didn´t win this time - there are more chances! Just make sure you leave a comment under this post.

Have a wonderful 3rd sunday of advent today and don´t forget to light up the 3rd candle on the advent´s wreath (like a person I don´t want to name here did this morning LOL).