Friday, February 26, 2010

How about a little Tuturial to kick off your weekend?

Greetings all,
Are you glad it's Friday?
I know that I am!

Who remembers that little
"Perkabook" card I made last week?
Well, since we had some inquiries about it,
Summer asked me if I wouldn't mind putting together
a little tutorial for those of you who asked about it.

Of course I was more than happy to. This meant that
in order for me to do that, I would have to make
another "PERKABOOK".
So that is just what I did.
So you'll have to bare with me, as I give you the
Step by Step run down on how it's made!

Here is a picture of the finished card.

are you ready????
Here we goooooooooooooooo......

Tools Needed:

1 Piece of heavy weight card stock
At least 2 coordinating Designer Papers
Ink and sponge for distressed look
Paper Trimmer
Ruler or straight edge
Circle Cutter (anything that can cute a circle up to 5.5" in diameter)
Scoring Tool
Small piece of Velcro

1.  Start with a piece of 8.5" x 11" heavy weight cardstock.
       Trim it so you have (2) - 5.5" x 7" pieces.
       Score 1 end of each at the 1.5" mark,
       giving yourself a 5.5" x 5.5" section to work with, on both pieces.
       These will become the back and front panels of your

  Cut another piece of heavy weight cardstock to 5.5" x 4.5". 
      Turn it so it's taller than it is wide, and score it in the middle,
      (Vertically)  it should be 2.25" on both sides. 
       This becomes the connecting piece on the bottom of
       your "Perkabook".

(notice, I didn't line it up in this photo,
so that it could be seen more clearly)

3.  Adhere the piece from step 2, onto the top of flaps from
       both side panels, (as shown in the previous picture,)
       But make sure they are aligned evenly. 
       It should resemble a peak in a roof.  Like this......

  Since I have already chosen my papers, I want to coordinate
       my stark white cardstock to go with it. 
       I've chosen to use Tim Holts "Vintage Photo" distress ink. 
      (any ink will work)  Ink EVERY edge of the Cardstock,
      on  both the back and front.  Inking the center is not necessary
      since that won't be showing at all.  The idea is to tone down
      that stark white cardstock, and tie it all in together.

5.  It's time to use those DP's... 
      I cut my front and back panels to measure 5.25" x 5.25". 
      I then inked the edges slightly with the same shade
      that I used previously. 
      Now I begin drawing my faux double stitching.

6.  It's time to work on the purse flap  -
       I used my Martha Stewart circle cutter, but whatever you have
      will work.  Cut a 5.5" circle, and a 5.25" circle out of 
      matching paper. Then cut another 5.5" circle out of your accent
      or coordinating paper. 
      This will become both the inside and outside of the purse flap. 
      (don't forget to ink the edges like you did to everything
      else previously)
      This is what you should have.

7.  Assembling your flap -
       Adhere the 5.25" circle on top of the 5.5" accent paper. 
      (this becomes the FRONT of the flap,
      and will be seen on the outside of the card)

Next, adhere the 5.5" circle (main paper) and adhere it back to back with the front.
     This is the side that will be seen when opening the purse..... 
                BUT WAIT
      If you choose to use things like brads
      rather than self stick style embellishments on the flap,
      you won't want to adhere the whole circle,
      instead, only adhere half of the circle.  See picture below....

I added some faux double stitching to the front of the flap so it matches the
rest of the card. The back will not matter, you will see why later on...

8.   If using brads you'll want to attach them now...  if not,
       go ahead and adhere the entire back onto the front.
       Once everything was glued down, I used a scallop
       punch and some heat embossing  to make a decorative
      "fastener" for the purse flap.

(the view from the front)

9.  Assembling the card -
       First you'll want to adhere the finished flap to the blank card.

(notice my faux stitching only goes a tiny bit over into the back part of the card)

I did this because what you see of the back half of the circle is
about to be covered.   Okay, sooooooo

10.  Next you'll want to create your handle or purse strap by
          attaching your ribbon to a stiff piece of cardsock. 
          I actually used a piece from the backing of a paper stack.

         I used fabri-tac because once it is dry, you have a firm hold on
         anything that has fabric.  The brown strip in the center of my
         ribbon is actually a second ribbon, also held on with fabri-tac.

11.  Now we're going to fasten it to the back of the "Perkabook"
          See photo below.
          I chose to fasten it this way, rather than punching holes or
          using eyelets, simply because of wanting to have a
          smoother surface on the card.  Sure you'll have slight
          bumps, but nothing compared to using holes or eyelets,
          this way lets you keep your ribbon flat.

12.  Now you can go ahead and adhere your back panel to your
         card.  Notice how you hardly see any bumps in the paper
          when you attach the handle this way?

13.  The front panel is going to be attached in the same way,
          you can either attach it first, or decorate it first. 
          I tend to attach it first so that way when I see the flap down,
          I can better judge where I want things to line up.           
          I try to stay away from tucking things under the edges
         of this paper,  So that I don't get bumps in it.

         You could almost just stop right here, But I won't!
         It's really starting to look like a real purse huh?

14.  I decorated the front using one of my favorite
         Belles 'n Whistles stamps,  "Beary Big Hugs"
I used a flourish stamp to give the "Perkabook"
         a little something extra.  I then used the same coordinating
         accent paper for the strip across the purse, also adding
         faux stitching to that, and topped it off  with a silk bow.  

15.  For the inside of this adorable "Perkabook" is used the
          coordinating paper that was used on the outside as accents. 
          To make the little pocket flap, I cut 1.5" x 4.5" rectangle,
          and then angled it.  Adhere on the bottom and the
          non angled
side, leaving the rest open,  so you can put
          your gift card inside it.
         The rest I think is pretty self explanatory, 
         Decorate and embellish it any way you would like.

         I chose to make this card a birthday card, and used another
         Belles 'n Whistles image inside, I think that"Cupcake"
         is the perfect little image for a birthday, don't you think? 

16.  Last but not least, remember that little medallion
         on the front flap? You need to find a way to make
         it actually latch. I used a small square of Velcro and it
         works beautifully!

You'll be "Perking up" someone's day when you give them
this adorable "Perkabook"!
I hope this tutorial has been a helpful. 
It is my very first tutorial, so I hope it was clear enough.
Now... Most importantly....Don't forget to HAVE FUN!


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