Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let the Sun shine!

and please make sure that we don't get any more snow over here in Sweden ;-)

Today I wanted to show you a little card - but I've come down with bronchitis - so I did not manage to finalize it in time. Instead I want to give room for a very supertalented lady - Kim!
Have you seen what she's created with Cupcake and Beary big hugs?
I'm drooling over here - I can tell you!
Stunning work Kim! Wonderful - love everything about it - colouring, choice of papers - layout. It's just perfect!

Finally - since you've heard me talk a lot about snow for a looong time now - I need to hear from you - what's your favourite SUNNY vacation spot? Need to dream a little ;-)

Kram - Anki


  1. Two gorgeous cards, will visit Kim's blog. Hope you feel better soon Anki

  2. What gorgeous images. Stunning cards. Jaqui x

  3. These are adorable, both the images and the cards. I love Elisabeth's work.

  4. WOW, what a wonderful surprise! Thank you!! I had a blast coloring these images!!! Well believe it or not but Texas got hit with snow yesterday. It was only 2-3" in our area, but that's more that we have seen in 6 years. My favorite sunny vacation spot is Kauai! We honeymooned there and it was perfect. The weather is fabulous, the island is very laid back and not overcrowded. I dream about it often!!!!

  5. What a beautiful cards Anki,i love your images and colours.
    So gorgeous papers.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  6. Such lovely cards, thanks for sharing them. We have had too much snow here in PA, USA this winter too. Our 4' of snow is finally melted down to about 1' and now they are saying more snow tonight and calling for 4"-8". I'll have to hold out and wait until we get moved to Southern CA, USA. Hope it is sooner than later in our 2 year plan because dreaming just doesn't cut it anymore, want to be there!

  7. Kim is a dear friend of mine and I drool everytime she creates a card. Super talented she is!