Monday, February 1, 2010

New Elisabeth Bell Digi Stamps!

Hey there everyone!

Happy February first to you all! It truly is a happy first of the month because, have you heard? Our favorite stamp artist, Elisabeth Bell, has just released another digital image today! What? Another you say? You mean you didn't know Elisabeth had any digital images out?!!? Well wholy cow! You'll want to head on over to her blog to read about this yourself and to purchase her latest cutie, 'A Tasty Read' (featured below), as well as her last months' release, 'February Flutter'!

Check out these wonderful card samples by some of the fabulous Belles 'n Whistles design team!



(Head to Rosette's Blog for some special Blog Candy going on right now too!)

card with detachable book mark!


Head on over to Elisabeth's blog to purchase this cute little reader! While you're there, be sure to enter to win her FABULOUS blog candy give away! If you haven't already purchased a set of Belles 'n Whistles Sweet Things stamps, she's got the complete set (yes, even the sold out 'Beary Big Hugs'!), waiting to be won! She's also giving away a fabulous hand-signed print as well as a free 'A Tasty Read' digi stamp...whooo hoo! Don't miss out on the wonderful opportunity to win...enter now through February 3rd! ;D

Now one MORE opportunity to win a stamp from the Sweet Things Collection, winner's choice....leave a comment to this post telling me two things:

1) Are you a lover of Digi stamps, rubber or both?


2) do you prefer clear stamps or rubber stamps, and why?

A winner will be selected and announced on Thursday, February 4th! And psssssssst! I happen to have one more Beary Big Hugs that this winner may choose to select as her (or his!) free stamp, if she/he wishes!

Have a happy monday all, and happy digi stamping to you, too!

Summer =)


  1. I love both digi & rubber stamps. I also prefer rubber over clear stamps. I think it's because rubber stamps have a little more "give" or cushion than clear stamps. The images come out more clear (for me anyway). Love all the new adorable!!

  2. I enjoy working with both digi and rubber stamps. With digi, you can adjust size. As for rubber or clear? I prefer rubber, just old fashioned like that! Seems that rubber holds more of the ink for me. :)

  3. I love both digi and rubber and the clear kind too! Basically if it's a stamp I love it :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. I love digi and rubber for different reasons. Digi is easy to resize to whatever I want and a stamp is just reat to stamp!

  5. Hi there, gorgeous new digi, love it! Main love is rubber stamping but the digi's come in handy for making bigger and smaller, prefer clear stamps but some companies have red rubber in deep etching, love those too!

  6. What a beautiful image! =)
    I'm in love with rubber stamps, mainly because I don't have any mediums to color digis with. And I prefer rubber stamps because their stamped images are sharper are clearer.
    Hugs, SannaS

  7. Oh! This is sooooo Sweet! I just love this girl. I am not a fan of digi images...I don´t know why... Don´t have anyone either. I guess I am afraid that I am going to loose it on my computer, or that it will crash.. and.. GONE..... I want this one to be in rubber too...

    I like clearstamps. They are easier to place correctly on the paper... But I DO LOVE ALL OF MY STAMPS.

    Mabye I´m lucky... and this will be my first digi! :)

  8. Gorgeous cards!! This is such a sweet image!!

    To answer your questions....

    1. I prefer stamping in rubber. I have tried digital stamping and I do like it as well. I think I need to do some more though!! :)

    2. I have both clear and rubber stamps and have to say my preference is rubber. I find that I get a crisper image with these.

  9. What a gorgeous image!
    1. I love digi and rubber stamps.
    2. I prefer rubber above clear stamps, they ink better up, especially for coloring with my copics.

  10. Hello!!!! I don'T have any preferences at all... Wether it's digi or rubber... or clear stamps... As long as the images please me!!!

    I have digis, rubbers, clears, and I use them all equally!!!!

    Thanks for a chance of winning this nice candy!!!

  11. Hi, I have just gone and purchased this digi from Elizabeth's site. I am fairly new to digi's but I like them as they are instant. I also love my rubber. I prefer rubber but have no problem with clear ones. Fabulous cards by all the DT. Thanks for the chance of winning.

  12. at the moment i am working with digi stamps more simply because they are cheaper and I cant afford the rubber ones. Also I like that I can re size them which is something you cant do with rubber. Rubber however is not something I will ever stop using i love the quality you get with the stamps and it is nice to have something to hold.

    I prefer rubber stamps to clear stamps, dont know why just always have :)

  13. I have had a problem with printing the digis and using them with Copics. I am slowly learning some tricks for that but Rubber Stamps are my favorite right now. I have noticed that not all clear stamps give a clean sharp image the way rubber does.
    The samples of this new digi are very adorable!

  14. I love digital stamps because its easy to look at and convenient to store.

    But if I had to go with stamps I like the rubber mounted on blocks...if its not on a block I would go with acrylic stamps. I like acrylic if its a two part stamp only.

    But I would take your images ANY old

  15. I had no clue she made digis!!! EECK!! Getting my card warmed up for a purchase! LOL!
    Lovely cards!!
    I really use both digi and rubber but I would say I use digi more because I can resize them. I also prefer clear to rubber because I can see where I am stamping!
    Thanks...fingers crossed I win!

  16. I prefer rubber stamps because it gives me a great pleasure to stam them on a piece of paper :) For me it doesn't matter if the stamp is rubber or acrylic, however acrylic are easier to clean ;)

  17. I haven't tried digital stamping yet, so I'll have to say rubber stamping. I do enjoy the feel of the stamp in my hand :). I like clear stamps (acrylic) because it's easier to see where the stamp is going to be placed, especially if I'm making a scene, which I enjoy doing.

  18. Hi, great cards and on every card the image looks totally different!
    I haven't tried digi-stamps yet, but as I colour with copics I will get trouble with the ink when I use a printed image...
    I prefer rubberstamps, because the image gets better (the lines are more fine) with a rubberstamp.


  19. I prefer to use rubber stamps, but do use digi's when I really like something and it's the only way it's available. I prefer clear rubber so you can see where your placing it.
    Love the cards above, that image is so gorgeous and diplayed on the cards beautifully.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  20. I love all the DT cards - absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway too. I'm new to Digi images, but I'm beginning to like them. I still prefer holding a rubber stamp, inking it up and stamping with it. I really prefer the clear stamps because it's so nice to be able to see for placement.

  21. I had no idea she had a few digis, had to go right over and buy that gorgeous one! All the cards are beautiful. I'm leaning more towards digi lately, always a nice crisp image, you can resize and doesn't take up any room. ;) And I like both clear & rubber stamps, clear for the space and rubber for the better stamped impression.

  22. I am new to digi's but love them already. When using an actual stamp, I am all about clear knowing where I am pladcing it....

  23. I love and use both digi and rubber stamps...I do like how you can buy and receive the didi stamps instantly though...if Im buying I much prefer rubber but it wouldnt stop me buying a design I loved if it was a clear stamp...thanks for the chance to win
    Mina xxx

  24. I like Digi stamps but I prefer to have the stamp on hand, which is easier so I don't have to turn on my computer. I prefer clear since I can see where I'm stamping on.

  25. I'm a old fashion rubber/clear stamps lover. Digi is nice because of the resizing but to me it takes away from the fun if there is no inking involved lol. As far as my preference between both materials, I do prefer rubber for my detailed stamps as i find it gives a better quality image but I do love the fact that i see exacly where i stamp with clear so i'm a bit torn lol!

  26. I like both. You can manipulate digi's for your project, but there's something to be said about holding a stamp in your hand too. I like clear stamps best only because I can really see what I'm doing and where it will go. But I think the quality of rubber stamps is still hard to beat.

  27. I love rubber and clear stamps! Rubber stamps are more detailed, and clear stamps I like because I can see where I can stamp my image! I havent used any digi images, my printer is broken and I havent fixed it yet! Hugs,moni

  28. I love both but digis are quickly becoming my favorite because of the ability to adjust the size or flip the image. In general, I like the clear stamps better so you can see where you are stamping (but not the cheap clear stamps that don't stamp well)

    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  29. At first I hesitated using digis because I thought my printer ink was going to smear, but I tried it and now I love it. I like that you can adjust the size you and storage is no problem. As for clear or rubber, I think rubber gives you clearer images. Thanks for the chance to win!

  30. I love rubber stamps and I like digi stamps. I just started using digi stamps so am trying to get use to it. It depends on the project as to if I like rubber or clear. I like rubber for embossing because I think it stamps a better image for the embossing powder to hold to but I like clear on most other things. Thanks for the chance to wind some stamps.

  31. Hi! What a lovely image and I love all the DT cards! I must say I don't really like digi stamps (I've used them only a couple of times by now). I understand that it's easier to work with them and I've seen so many beautiful images and cards made with them in the blogland, but I'm totally old fashioned in this, I'm a stamper in the first place and then cardmaker. I don't even like to use stamped images, I love when I own a stamp. So it's definitely a rubber stamp for me. I like clear stamps, too, but I if I'd had to choose, I'd choose a rubber stamp.
    Hugs, Vanja

  32. What a fantastic image - a girl after my own heart! I do like digi stamps just for the sheer ease of use (no stamping inkpad, no cleaning, can resize image, etc.); however, you can't put the image right where you want it so, in that case, I like the acrylic stamps just for ease of storage (I really think the rubber stamps make clearer images).

  33. I love rubber stamps. For me it doesn't matter if the stamp is rubber or acrylic, however acrylic are easier to clean ;)Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. I love rubber stamps more so than acrylic and digi. I think rubber stamps stamp better or leave a better impression than acrylic and are also easier to maintain. Digis are just not for me. Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. ooohhh, I love this new digi image from Elisabeth Bell!
    What a difficult choice you have posed here - hmmmm!! - I think I prefer stamps to digis because I'm afraid of colouring digis (but then again, I love the fact that you can alter the size of digis!). I think I prefer rubber to acrylic (but then again, I love that you can see exactly where to stamp with acrylic).
    Yours undecidedly (LOL!)
    Andrea xx

  36. As of now I just like regular ol' stamps ~ I haven't gotten into digi yet.
    As for if I like rubber or clear...hmmmm...I used to prefer clear, but then I started using rubber, and I think I prefer that now! What I liked about the clear was being able to see through the stamp so I knew my image was straight and all that jazz, but now that I've been using rubber I really like the crisp images I get =)
    I absolutely LOVE the new image...I am a fellow bookworm, so I love all images having to do with books =)

  37. I absolutely LOVE this image! So much, in fact, that I have already purchased it - making it my first Digi stamp! Now I just need to learn how to color it without the ink running. :)
    I prefer rubber stamps to digis - don't have to spend time in front of the computer or worry about if my printer has ink. And rubber stamps can go anywhere with me (especially since I don't have a laptop!).
    And I prefer rubber to clear stamps. I have always used rubber the entire 7 years I've been stamping, and although I have tried clear stamps and own a couple, I still think that the deep-etched red rubber gives a clearer image.
    All that being said....can't wait to make something with this lovely little reader! :)

  38. cute image! I prefer rubber over the digi stamps, one because I have never used the digi's. have purchased a couple from Mo's but not used yet. not sure how! I know so sad! And I prefer the rubber over clear only becuase I seem to get a better stamped image, espically with smaller ones.

  39. Oh so wow!! I love the image and what a brilliant idea to offer the digis as well!! LOVE all of the samples created by the DT!! I will certainly be checking this out and most likely getting it!! LOL!!! Way to go Elisabeth!! :)

  40. Hey....I didn't even answer your question!! Sorry about that!!

    I do LOVE both digis AND rubber!! :) I use digital images because they work just as nicely and they offer instant gratification basically!

    The second question: I do prefer rubber over clear stamps because the rubber with the cushion just has a better crisp clean image when you stamp. I don't know HOW many times I've had "re-do" my stamping with clear stamps.

    Thanks for the chance to win!! :) Off to see Elizabeth's blog!!

  41. As much as I love rubber, I am falling in love with Digi. The ability to add my sentiments etc is just pushing me over the edge. But, I still have a lot of rubber! And I started with acrylic/clear stamps but I am slowly learning to love long as it isn't on a wooden block! Thanks for the change to win.

  42. Oh wow I did not know of the other digi image so will definitely be off to have a look at both of them.
    As for images I love both rubber and digi and I love the quality of print from rubber but the ease of lining up with clear stamps but only if these are the good clear stamps and not the cheap ones which don't stamp well.
    Kim xXx

  43. I love Digis AND Rubber stamps! But lately, I've been buying digis more often. Digis are such a great value for the money, plus I get them right away (hooray for instant gratification!) and I can resize them. Not to mention the fact they come out perfect every time--no smearing, smudging, or "shadowing."

    When it comes to clear stamps versus rubber stamps, I almost always prefer rubber. I find that the images come out much cleaner and with less effort than clear stamps.

  44. So beautiful stamps once again! I like digi stamps, because they can be resized and made mirror-images and stuff like that. I am definetly into clear stamps, because they are cheaper, easier to clean and storage, and people, who don't craft are always amazed about them xD

  45. I love rubber because I have something in my hand that I can press onto the paper. I am anxious to try the digi stamps and am planning to buy this one.

    I don't have a preference between rubber or clear stamps, I own and use both. The rubber does get a crisper image if you don't know how to use the clear. But I buy which ever design I like.


  46. Yep, Ive got both digi's, woot, woot and have them printed, but...well...they are so beautiful as they are that I just cant bring myself to try to color them, yet, LOL! Im just learning coloring as Im coming from Digi/Hybrid :-)

    Most of my stamps are clear so far and I like them for storage, although I do agree that I find they need to be really inked up to get a good clear image!

    Thanks to everyone for sharing your projects and thanks for a chance to win Awesome Stamps!!!

  47. I love rubber stamps but I use both however, if more digi's like Elisabeth's came out, I would probably buy every one of them!! I will be keeping watch on her monthly digi's that's for sure. So excited about that! Rubber or clear stamps? As long as they are made with impressions it doesn't really matter to me. Actually as long as the stamp is drawn nicely that's really all I care about. Thanks for the offer! So nice!

  48. I prefer clear or digis. Such a nice image! And wonderful cards.

  49. My favorite is unmounted rubber. I also love digis though, if they aren't too simple. Elizabeth Bell's are awesome. I have a few clear stamps and I do use them, but I prefer rubber or digi.

  50. Forgot to mention why I prefer rubber to clear stamps. I think they hold the ink better, and they don't loose their cling as fast. But I do like digis because they can be resized. Their only drawback is the limitation of card stock weight that will go through my printer. I can't print them out on cryogen.

  51. I have just started with the digi stamps and really like them. I do prefer rubber stamps over clear, however; the clear tend to turn yellow and lose their "stickiness".

  52. I like both digital and rubber/clear stamps.. My preference is rubber stamps.. Clear are easier to use, for you can see where you are stamping, however rubber is better for the longevity aspect...