Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tasteful Tuesday

Okay.. today I want to share with you a feast of Cupcakes.. we all love those, don't we?? If you've been on our BnW/ ROP Challenge blog yesterday, you'd know that we started another fun and lovely challenge, set by our darling Susan :)
If you didn't , go and check it out here.

If you did, you will know that this card was my DT entry for this time. I love how soft it looks with those light colours. But I want you also to check these two cards out.. done with the same stamp. Both are done by two of my favourite cardmakers.. they are both very inspiring to me.. and I'm sure to many of you.

This card is done by Kim Piggott

and this one by Kathy

Aren't they simply gorgeous! Leave them a message here, to let them know what you think of their cards, and do click on their names to check out their fantastic blogs for yourselves!! Belles 'nd Whistles are soo proud of their fans!!!! :) You are the best!!


  1. I like all of them. Each card has such a nice flower dekoration.
    Card 1: nice with the corners
    card 2: lovely the word hugs
    card 3: cute the pearls on the cup cake

    WELL DONE!!!!

  2. Your card is really beautiful! Your colouring is fantastic and I love the double border on one side and the corner punch on the other side - I am definitely going to use that idea myself if you don't mind. The floral display just makes it perfect! Thank you too for sharing your friends' cards. I know Kim (her work is divine) but now I am following Kathy too! Warmest wishes, Lesley

  3. These are really beautiful. I love the coloring on both..Great job ladies.

  4. I've already seen these on their blogs and they are both very talented artists!! :) Beautiful job with the image for sure!!

  5. Very beautiful card Rosette!! And the two cards by Kathy and Kim are beautifulluy done as well!