Tuesday, March 30, 2010

After all the hard work...

If you read yesterday´s post - sure you did and if not you really should! - you know how much cleaning Lynda let Belle do just because she had to work too! Poor little girl is what I thought - and I decided to give her a nice day in her garden today. Well, as you know her, she cares so much for everything and so before she goes to splash around in the pool or sit in a chair to relax she is watering the flowers. "Flowers feed the soul" - this is so true and also Belle knows that. And so she is doing everything to make them grow big and bloom nice.

I hope you have a sunny and relaxing day as well - and if not take the time to look at the flowers and smell their bouquet. As you know - it feeds the soul!


  1. wwooow she is beautifull.
    GR joyce

  2. Kathrin you've outdone yourself again! This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!


  3. Absolutely beautiful Kathrin! And you actually got me laughing with your comment. Yes yes Poor Belle, hard at work, now she's doing something she enjoys just a little better!

  4. Wauw what a sweety!! Regards Ageeth