Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Little Clearer...

Well, not much of a sneak peek I suppose! But really now, I don't want to give EVERYTHING away before we have our fabulous blog hop, LOL! ;D

There are a bunch more images to go through for sneaks....tomorrow will be a new image. And OH GOSH! Speaking of images, Beary Big Hugs and Cupcake are both available in the store again! These popular girls flew off the shelves once released in January and have not been in stock since! Alright, back to the peeks. Did I tell you yet that there's to be a new release soon? Of course I did! I forgot! Did I tell you yet that there are a dozen new images you'll have to fuss and fret over? Ahhhh, don't think I mentioned that yet! So there it is, more news pertaining to the upcoming release, I shared! ;)

Tomorrow, another teeny peek. Tiny one. Very little...

Till then, happy stamping!

Summer =)


  1. how exciting! I've been watching the tiny peeks and I am excited to see them :)
    wow A dozen images :O! I can't wait!

  2. I think that she is watering some flowers there! If so, I just can't pass up cute little gardening images!!! I can't wait until tomorrow!


  3. I am so glad that some more images are coming out it seems like it has been awhile...

  4. Oh no! I had wanted to order those two stamps but you didn't have them. I should have emailed you to let you know I wanted them. And to think you just barely mailed my order. That's the way my luck is! haha!

    I hope you still have them in stock when your new releases come out. I may just HAVE to place another order. *wink*

    I think this image is a little girl pushing a doll stroller. Am I right? hehe!

  5. No... no one is there yet..!! More guesses??? LOL

  6. A dozen new images! Wow! Can't wait to see!

  7. I thought it was a watering can, too so I guess I'm wrong. Can't wait for all the new images!

  8. You cut off her sweet face! LOL :) So looking forward to seeing all of these! A dozen?? Woohoo!

  9. A Dozen new images?! Okay, my pocketbook is singing already!!!! lol! Oh Summer, I'm so excited!!

  10. Great sneak peek! I am so excited! Hugs;moni