Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh Boy...Another Teeny Glimpse!

I will apologize now for the teasing that's going on. It's really not nice to show you just tidbits and snippets of images here and there....but there are many images to share with you before our official Blog Hop! And I can't possibly show you the images in their entirety...what fun would the blog hop be then?! So here I go again...another teeny glimpse!

I've got another cute image hidden under this puzzle, the center piece is slightly transparent for you to almost see the outlines of what's beneath. Almost! Let me tell you, Spring is in the air! You'd never know it, with the weather and temperatures even here in Hawaii being blustery and cold! But this next new collection of Belles 'n Whistles stamps will help bring some Spring to your doorstep, just wait and see!

More to come on the Blog Hop and the rest of the lovely new release images! I'll uncover this middle piece tomorrow for you too! =)

Summer ;)


  1. Oh what a tease, it looks like someone is carrying a bag???
    Kim xXx

  2. Oh no more stamps to buy?! OH more MUST HAVE'S! LOl! I actually can't wait! From what I can see she looks cute!

  3. Summer!!! You are so bad! lol! I think I see a watering can! Oooooh! Suspense is driving me NUTS! lol!

  4. You are a terrible tease! Won't even begin to guess, will just have to wait. I hate waiting!