Thursday, March 18, 2010

The "Where Do They Live?" Challenge!

**This post will remain on top through the release of the newest collection of stamps, Friday March 19. Join in on this challenge for 2 chances at winning the newest set! Scroll down for a few sneak peeks too!**

I'm plum outta ideas for keeping you all occupied until the new release comes next week! I'm tired of teasing with the teeny-tiny sneaks already, though I'll continue because I said I would. But I wanna switch things up a little here. Who all's ready for a special Belles 'n Whistles CHALLENGE?! Here's the deal. Listen close because this is by no means your usual, typical paper craft challenge--ah-ah. I want us to do something different! =)

For this special Belles 'n Whistles challenge, I wanna see all the different places that Belles 'n Whistles stamps reside. Uh huh....I don't want a card or craft project, I want a view! I want to see a glimpse of your craftroom, your home, your village or creative! It's night here so I can't be taking any photos out, but tomorrow morning, I will show you what I mean. I'll post the first photo of the "Where do your Belles 'n Whistles Stamps Live?" challenge (or where do you live?)...then we'll take it from there! I'll put up Mr.Linky after posting my pic so that you all can begin entering. And I'll run this challenge through the release day (next week sometime...perhaps...friday), with one random winner and one specially selected winner being chosen and announced with the new release. These two lucky winners will each receive a new set of the freshest Belles 'n Whistles stamps! ;D

So the details to pay attention to:

1) Show me a view! Where do your Belles 'n Whistles stamps live?

2) Show me a Belles 'n Whistles stamp inside this photographic view.

3) Post your creative pic on your blog, being sure to link back to our Belles 'n Whistles challenge that people don't think you are nuts!

**** Okay! Here's my sample pic for you! My stamps live in Kailua, Hawai'i. We live at the foot of the Ko'olau mountain range so have a pretty nice view, right from the front yard! I wanted to share with you a glimpse of where my stamps live, now I'd love to see a glimpse of where yours live too! As I said, be creative! It could be a glimpse of your craft room or home, or better yet, take your Belles 'n Whistles stamp out into town with you and give us a shot of what life's like in your area!

Two winners will be chose, one drawn randomly, the other by selection--the DT and I will choose our favorite view, be it beautiful or just plain creative!

I hope you'll play along with us! ;D ****

Iris' Belles 'n Whistles stamps live in Cocoa, Florida...
in her beautiful craft room, her lovely patio, and with her fabulous pup, Coco!

Susan's Belles 'n Whistles stamps live in her sunny yard in Florida,
the dog park, and near the cool pool!

Kathrin's Belles 'n Whistles stamps live in Germany! She shares with us her beautiful front door, the 'Kitty Love's of Belle, Belles view from her living room window, in the kitchen AND at a beautiful, nostalgic old school!

Okay! Now on with a teeny, tiny promised!

I know, hardly any view there at all....but I'll show you a clearer view tomorrow!

Join me in this fun and unique challenge! Where DO your Belles 'n Whistles stamps live?!

Summer =)


  1. I can't wait to see where everyones BnW stamps live! Such an interesting challenge, I love the idea! =)


  2. Wow what a great idea and you are such a tease that picture is almost unviewable lol.
    Kim xXx

  3. FABULOUS idea Summer! Can't wait to see everyones pictures :-D


  4. What a great idea! My room is a mess! And this IS a "tiny" peek! Can't see anything, even squinting :)

  5. Ooooh! Okay! This is another fun challenge! I'd like to take my pic at night, I think it would be better, but people may think I'm wonkers! I'll think of something! :) And Summer, must I say that your front yard has an AWESOME view?!! :)

  6. Great idea!!! I hope my photos are ok! The DTS look fab.

  7. I know what you mean. So tired of the little sneak peaks and the teases and etc. We are all very anxioous to see the real deal here to and more importantly be able to order and play with the all new stamps. Next time perhaps we whould hold out a little longer on the sneaks peaks and teasing and all. See it does come around to bite you in the bottom!!! LOL. I am so anxious to see the new releases I cannot stand it. I will be glad when that day finally get here because this waiting is driving me crazy I tell you CRAZY!!!

  8. Wow, great view and what a nice organized stamp room! Fun seeing where these cuties live! I'm looking forward to this release and seeing 'more'! :)

  9. I luv this challenge! I wish I could join in but my stamps have not arrived yet. I'm hoping they arrive today so I can take pix and join in.


  10. Just made it! I recieved my lovely stamps today. Just posted pix of my home :o) Do we need a pix of the outside of our home? I just posted pix of the inside.


  11. Love the idea and can't wait to see the new cuties! Hope you like my view in Oklahoma! :)

  12. Hi,
    unfortunately it´s to dark to take a picture outside, but I think you still get a good look :o)
    XX Kathi