Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Christmas meets Mother´s Day

"Star Of Bethlehem" - that´s the beautiful stamp I used for this card. Christmas stamp in april? Star? And what´s me talking about mother´s day?

You´re right - I was looking for a stamp I could use for a mother´s day card and thought "Star Of Bethlehem" would be perfect. I just did some little changes by removing the ink from the star and the border around belle´s hips before stamping. And at the place where the star was I´ve put some rosebuds, the stamps are hand drawn.

So, Belle and her little sister woke up early that morning and are now on their way - still dressed in pyjamas - to wake up their mom with some nice roses and even more big hugs and kisses.

I also hid a little flap on the card - and under it I put "world´s best mom".

I so remember when I was a kid: me and my younger brother stood up early on mother´s day (which is celebrated the 2nd sunday in may here in Germany). We prepared breakfast, put some little handmade gifts on my mom´s plate and also left the house to go to a big meadow gay with flowers to pick her a nice bunch of wild flowers. And every year it was full of "lady´s smock". Do you know those light pink, tender flowers? They are still my absolute favourite flowers and I am so happy that we have a bunch of them growing in our garden. Well, hubby isn´t since he isn´t allowed to mow the grass until they are gone!LOL
Now I am a mom on my own and can hear my girls working around in the house to surprise me while I have to stay in bed until they are finished...


  1. Wow - what a lovely card. It´s perfect.

    LG Nimue

  2. What a beautiful card, and the colouring is so sweet; makes the motive even sweeter !

  3. Very beautiful creation, love the change with the rosebuds.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. Just lovely!! And elegant. Perfect for a mum!

  5. Gorgeous card, love the secret flap for the sentiment.
    :-) xx

  6. Hi,
    it´s a wonderful card, so lovely and with elegant colors. And I really like how you used the stamp in this "unusual" way.
    Your story is nice too.
    It´s much fun to be a mom, when the kids are starting to prepare for mothers day :-)
    XX Kathi

  7. GORGEOUS!!!!!
    Love your card so much!!

  8. wow! so gorgeous and what great idea to move the star and ribbon! adorable image it still was :D
    hugs from Linda S. L

  9. Ohhh...I LOVE this idea! I have this stamp and was trying to decide which stamp I should use for a Mother's Day card for my mom. This is perfect. Thank you! Your card is gorgeous as usual.

  10. What a gorgeous card Kathrin and an awesome idea using the Christmas stamp for mothersday!!!


  11. Kathrin!! I love your idea to have her holding flowers instead of the Christmas star!! Wonderful idea!
    Jodi =)