Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Fun little Decoration!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying these first few weeks of Spring.  I know that I am!  Of course it helps when I am on vacation from work for a week.  It gave me some more time in my craft room.  Knowing it was my turn to post today I just knew that I wanted to create something just a little bit different than a card. 
My inspiration was definitely these two beautiful Belle images from the new Spring / Summer line.  It helped me as well to see my husband applying fresh paint to our walls.  I decided that I wanted something new to hang on my wall, so I put that idea together with these gorgeous little girls, and I came up with my Spring wreath idea.

A close up view of this little beauty sipping her afternoon tea!  This one is called "Tea Time"

I'd like to think she's eating Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.  Those are my favorite!

The fun thing about this wreath is that it's got options!  Everyone loves to have options, don't they?  One day you may love seeing Belle sitting on a stump sipping her tea and eating her cookies, and on another day you may want to see........

Ahhhh - ha...  You see, the center image will turn if you want it to.  I've used Belle "Watering" - Oh she's gorgeous isn't she?

Here's a close up of her.

Oh my I love the options of this wreath. I can't decide which side of the image to have facing outward. They're both just as sweet as can be.

Okay so for a tiny tutorial - sorry no pics this time.

I started out with a cardboard circle. A little smaller than a dinner plate, but bigger than a sandwich plate. Obviously I cut the center out, so now I had a cardboard frame for my wreath.

I used my cricut to cut several leaves out of 2 different shades of green. I scored them, and distress inked them, and..... That is what you are seeing there.

Next I attached a string running from the top to the bottom of the cardboard circle.  Now I'm ready to glue my leaves in place. 

Once I had some 70 - 80 leaves all scored, and distressed, I started at the top, and worked my way down, only gluing the stem areas, leaving room for other leaves to slide underneath, giving it the layered look.  Once I was happy with the fullness of the wreath with the leaves, I set out to find some flowers.

Some flowers are punched flowers, and the main one on the top was actually a silk flower.  I put a black onyx colored pearl in the centers, to give the flowers a "Black eyed Susan" look.  (Even though those flowers usually have brown in the middles) ha ha

Now, butterflies, yes there are always butterflies in the spring and summer, we need butterflies!!!  I ended up using butterflies from Magnolia, and one from Stampin' Up, simply because I realized that we don't have any butterflies....  ohhhhh Elisabeth - hint hint!!  LOL

I stuck 2 of the butterflies on a small wire that I coiled in order to make them pop out, so they look like they are fluttering in the air.  (as well as adding a little bit more dimension to the wreath.)

Next I took my 2 colored images, both cut with the same size Nestability scalloped circle, and lined it up the way I wanted it, but facing downward with the string running up through the middle.

Here is the reason I faced it downward... You can take any shape punch, I used a 1 inch circle punch, and punched out of regular white scrap cardstock.  I punched out 8 circles.  These will be hidden, no one sees them. 

I glued 4 circled down on the back of the first image, making sure to leave the string in the middle, and not gluing over it. 
Then I glued the other 4 circled on top of the first 4 circles.  (so you should have double stacked circles now) 
This gave the string JUST enough clearance so that when you glue your 2nd image on top, you don't get any creases or showing of string coming through your image.  Everything lays perfectly smooth.  You do not want to use pop dots for something like this, because they are too thick. 

After you have glued your circles, you see your string is running up through the center.... You will want to run just a thin line of glue along the string.  This will ensure that the image won't slip on the string.

Next, put the glue on all 4 of those double stacked punched circles, (Not on the image itself) and then line up your 2nd image to fit.  Apply pressure only to those punched circle areas, NOT the edges of your image.  Everything will then lay perfectly smooth.

I'm sure you guys can figure all of that out anyway, but hey, it doesn't hurt to tell it anyway, right?  LOL

At the bottom of the wreath I attached a wired ribbon bow that I made, and then began embellishing my wreath.  You can embellish any way you wish to.  I used Dew Drops which I bought from the Roses On Paper shop.  I also had a couple of little lady bug clothes pins, very tiny ones for crafting.  I popped a couple of the lady bugs off of them, and added them to the wreath.  After all, what is Spring without a few ladybugs crawling around?

Okay, so there you have it....  A little Spring Wreath fun, for you to try.

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  1. Hi,
    WOW... I am stunned!!
    This is such a great idea and sooooo pretty, don´t know what to say!!!
    I can´t quite follow the instructions, but I think I would not have the nerves to make one myself, lazy me. *redhead* ;o).
    Happy Spring!!
    XX Kathi