Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hawaiian Time...

*** The latest EB digi reveal will be posted below this message so scroll down later (OOOPS...not midnight but 6 p.m., Arizona time) to see the wonderfully cute new digi, available from Elisabeth Bell's blog. ***

I did say that this post would come on Friday, May 14. And though it is already Saturday in many areas in the world, it is still Friday here in Hawaii. This posting is being done on what we locals here would say is "Hawaiian Time". Not only do I mean literally, by the time here in Hawaii, but I mean figuratively too. To be running on "Hawaiian Time" means that you are running late. So apologies to you all again, for my running on Hawaiian Time!

Gosh each of you submitted wonderful work! You've nooo idea just how hard it was to sift through all of the gorgeous entries and choose only a handful! Really! That's why, as with all of the TOUGH decisions, the task was left up to the Belles 'n Whistles DT! Thank you ladies! ;D

Without prolonging the agony and suspense, I'll begin the announcement here...

The following ladies are cordially invited to join the Belles 'n Whistles DT as permanent members, if they so choose to accept:

Now I know we had said 4 would be chosen...we decided we needed 5. We also decided that we are in need of Guest DT members. This is a list of ladies we'd like to ask to help us as guests this year....each will be a guest for approximately 2 months and would be contacted prior to the new release they will be helping with, should they accept:

Would all of you named ladies please contact me when you are able? I'll check in with each of you to see if you are still willing/able to join the Belles 'n Whistles DT and will further explain (for the Guest possibles) the details of a GDT position.

I thank each and every one of you deeply for applying to this DT call. You've no idea just how hard this was, so much so that I don't think I want to have to do this again, ever. LOL! Just kidding...we'll have to look for more Guests for 2011 and will replace DT as needed throughout the year.

Many thanks to you all for your inspiring and lovely work! Belles 'n Whistles would be lucky to have each and every one of you as DT...if only we could!

Aloha and a wonderful weekend to all,


  1. Congrats to everyone! Can't wait to see what you all make!

  2. Congratulations to all of you! It must have been a really difficult decision because there were so many gorgeous cards and projects out there! I can't wait to follow and support all of you the same way you did me when I was honored to design with these fabulous stampers. Get ready for a brand new family and enjoy my sisters!

    Hugs to you all,


  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Oh my word!!! Words is like just STUCK and I'm stuttering like a fool!!! Thank you sooo much Summer and all the DT's!!! I am completely and truly honored, stunned, and giddy beyond delight!!!

    And a BIG HUGE congratulations to everyone!!!


  4. Congratulations to our new sisters and welcome on board! Looking forward designing with you all! :-)))))

    Susan you will be so missed!!!!!!

    Big hugs to all,

  5. I'm actually still awake. This is not good for my selfconfidence, as a cardmaker... lol Congrats to all the lucky ladies! :)


  6. Congratulations ladies! Looking forward to working with you :)

  7. Congrats everyone, I'm very excited and happy to accept a GDT spot! Thank you!!!

  8. Congrats to you all!! All of you are extremely talented and I look forward to following you now! Can't get enough of BnW!

    Sheila :)))

  9. I am sooooo excited! I can't wait to work with all of these very talented ladies!

  10. Congratulations to all! Oh My, Oh My...can hardly catch my breath! I just checked in and could'nt believe my eyes. I'm so incredibly happy right now. I'm proud to accept a GDT spot!! Thank you so much for this opportunity. I look forward to working with such talented women. I'm off to do my happy dance!! Hugs :)))

  11. A HUGE congratulations to all, and welcome to our BnW family! =) I am so excited about this new addition to our little family! I am looking forward to working with each of you!

    Big Hugs
    Lynda =)

  12. Whoooo whooo to all the winners. Congratulations!!!! I'm cheering and doing the happy dance. You girls are going to rock the socks off Belles n Whistles! Yeah...
    Fabulous choices for your DT!!!!!!!!
    Hugs to you all Bonnie

  13. Woohoo!!!! I recognize a lot of these names, and the ones I don't, well, I can't wait to get to know them, hip hip hooray!!! Big congrats to everyone that made the team and Summer and BnW DT ladies, boy am I glad you all decided to add a few extra names in the mix, as I am more than happy, more like thrilled and totally excited to accept a GDT spot with you all!! Thanks so much for the opportunity, I look forward to working with all of these wonderful crafters, woohoo!!

  14. Yay!!! this is such an will be my luckiest day. I never be a team member on any blog or company! but when i see my name on the list of GDT. oww!! i jump like a mad woman!
    many thanks for the chance ^_^. I more than happy,excited and overyjoy to accept a GDT spot with you.
    Congratulations to the new DT and GDT.

    Yenni Natalia

  15. I am totally bowled over and humbled to be offered to work with such an amazing team of ladies. Thanks so much Ladies for choosing me to be one of your GDT and i would gladly like to accept.
    Congratulations to all the other ladies that were chosen

  16. A very warm welcome to our little family here to all of you! I am so looking forward to know you and design with you!

    Big hugs,
    Kathrin aka Kruemel

  17. huge congratulations girls
    Mina xxx

  18. Congrats to the winners, really looking forward to the new inspirations from the design team and guest designers. Good luck on your new adventure ladies.

  19. Congratulations to all you lucky ladies, looking forward now to see what you all create.
    Kim xXx

  20. Congrats to all the ladies that have been chosen! Can't wait what you all will be creating :)

  21. Wow! That is a great list of new DT members. Congrats ladies! A wonderful surprise to see a Guest Designer List, Thank you so much for letting me be a little part of a wonderful Group! I'm so happy! Congrats to all :)