Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Make time to Connect

Happy Wednesday, my Belles!!

Sorry I'm late with my post today, I was naughty, I kept you waiting, but will try to do better next time! Promise!! lol

I just finished this card a few minutes ago, and I wanted to share it with you. I am happy that I am already seeing some cards sprouting about in Blogland with these cute new images. It gives me so much joy!

I used A Child's Prayer for this one, and as you know, it is part of the newest "Forever Young"release. These images are a must have, I can tell you. I hope this inspires you to use this stamp, and I found this freebie sentment from TLC that goes perfectly with her.

My question for you today (answer it after reading the sentiment, click two times on the photo for a better view).. Do you make time to connect? You don't have to answer it in your comment, but please do so in your heart. Obviously, if you DO want to share it with us, we are happy to recieve this bountiful fruit of your heart with joy. Personally, yes, I make time to connect.. that is, to pray. I do not do it just because of my style of lfe, but because I believe in the Power of prayer, and I know it gives me strength to carry on, day by day, recieving with patience and love whatever I encounter in my day.

See the glittery paper?

If you want details on this card, please visit my Blog.strong>
Biggest huggies to each one of you (by the way, yes, I also mention all of you when I connect with Him).


  1. beautiful card and thought provoking post

  2. The card is beautiful and yes I connect daily. Without that connection I would be a disaster.

  3. Beautiful card Rosette,i love the image and your papers.

    hugs Riet.xx