Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Little Sweetheart

Hello Friends!!!  Hope you're having a great start to your week!  Today I'm using a card with the image Eden with Teddy.  Awwww, she's soooo sweet!  She looks like she could be about a year old or just a wee little older? 

Sigh ... this is yet another image that makes me reflect back on all the moments of my little boy at that age.  But you know, when he was that age, he never did have a favorite stuffed animal or blanky that he had to have with him at all moments?  Hmmmm .. the only favorite thing he had was his THUMB that he stuck in his cute little mouth.  I guess he figured .. it's something that can go EVERYWHERE he goes, it only takes a minute to wash and he still gets to hold it, and it will never get old.  LOL!  And uhhhh ... he's just turned 4 years old, and oh gosh, that thumb is still his best friend.  LOL! 

Well, here's my card:

Well, thank you for visiting us here, and please don't forget to take part in our "Clean and Simple" challenge this week!  :)  I know you want to!  lol!  And there's still the entire week to whip something up ... so go on and get busy and treat yourself to some craft time with us!  :)



  1. Absolutely gorgeous ELise!!! Love all your beautiful girly details!! I just love this image and could never tire of it!! So sweet!!

  2. Yowzers Elise! This is STUNNING!