Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Day #10

Welcome to day 10 of our Advent Calendar!! I hope you're enjoying this and having fun!! I think it's time for a question... are you ready??
Before I ask the question of the day, I'd like to share a little bit about the first thing I did as a child on Christmas morning. Besides waking up early and getting my family up, the first thing we did was look into our Christmas stockings and opened up those little gifts.
Somehow when you're younger the bigger gifts always seemed to be the more fun to open. Now as an adult I think the smaller gifts have a better chance at being bigger than expected!

Since there are no special traditions for celebrating here in the United States, I'd love to hear what traditions or special things that you do the very first thing on Christmas morning.

This is the question of the day....

What city and state are Belles n' Whistles stamps shipped from?

Before I let you go, let me remind you that we have our Christmas Ornament contest going on, and in order for us to see all of your creations, be sure to upload them to the gallery HERE!.

We've also got our regular challenge going on which is to create a card using any Belles n' Whistles image from the store. Head to the challenge blog HERE!
Have a great day everyone!!

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  1. I think belles n` whistles stamps are shipped from Honolulu, HI.(hope thats correct) The one thing we do on christmas morning every year with my boyfriends family is to go to the pub for a drink, alot of people go there from the same town, so we get to see a lot of friends.
    x laura x

  2. Hawaii I'm sure, and I think the city is Honolulu but I'm not really updated... It's the only town I know in Hawaii... ;-)

    In my family it's tradition for the grown ups to decorate the Christmas tree the night before Christmas and on the next morning out kids come hoping down the stairs as usual and there is the tree and all the gifts underneath... Love to photograph their look on their faces... Priceless... And then they get to open their stockings. I guess this tradtion might change a bit as they grow older...
    Have a great day!!

  3. I have Been checkin in the store... About us, Shipping and so on. So I say Honolulu Hawaii! But I am not sure! :o)

  4. From the time my children were little, we always had breakfast first before opening gifts. Even tho my sons are now grown and married, I'm so happy that they still come over with their families for breakfast and continue the tradition. The B'nW stamps are shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii.

  5. I think should be shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii

  6. Sie kommen aus im schönen Hawaii, auf der Insel Oahu, hab ich gefunden, ich hoff, es ist richtig, kann es immer schlecht übersetzen
    lg gila

  7. They are shipped from Honolulu Hawaii...

  8. Sie kommen aus Hawai'i, on the island of O'ahu

  9. the city I think is Honolulu & the State is hawaii.
    WE alwasy had a Sweidhs Christmas - celebrated on the 24th with presents in the afternoon as soon as it was dark enough to light candles. The fish Christmas lunch for lunch - then Smorgasbord in the evening after presents. 25th was my Dad's birthday & my parents went to the early morning service at Church - in the dark. That's what I remember.
    Paula (PEP)

  10. Honolulu, Hawaii.

    No special traditions for Christmas morning.

  11. I believe are wonderful stamps are shipped from O'ahu, Hawai'i and Summer herself is from Kailua, Hawai'i.
    Every year we open stocking, then have breakfast, and then open presents. This leaves plenty of time to help prepare the meal and look at what everyone received.

  12. Honolulu - Hawaii; hope that`s right.

    Here in Germany Children get the presents at the evening of 24th December already. What I remember best is singing christmas carols at my grandmother`s house before we were allowed to open our presents. And always the youngest grandchild had to start! ;-)

  13. We don't really have any traditions, just drinking a glass of sherry while Christmas lunch is cooking!O'ahu, Hawaii is where the stamps come from.

  14. I'm guessing Honolulu, Hawaii. :-)
    THANK YOU!! I am so excited to be today's blessed winner!

  15. On envelopes it says Honolulu, HI,USA so I think that's the right answer, Honolulu, Hawaii. :)
    hugs, Vanja

  16. In the "About" section it says "Hawai'i, on the island of O'ahu" but the return address says Honoluou, HI so I'm not quite sure.

    We have the same tradition on Christmas morning - we wake up early and open the stocking stuffers. Even though I'm an adult now we still do that.

  17. I think the stamps are shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii.
    As children, we were always allowed to open our stockings when we woke up (even if that was 3.30 or 4am LOL!). The door to our living room where the big presents were was always locked, and we weren't allowed in until we were dressed and had breakfast. But we used to have a kind of serving hatch between our kitchen and living room - my brothers and sister could climb through it to peek at the presents, but I could never get through LOL!
    My children are allowed to open their stocking presents when they wake too, and we have kept the tradition of getting dressed and eating breakfast before opening the other presents - but we don't lock the door!
    And we love to go to the Crib Service in a local church on Christmas Eve.
    Love, Andrea xx

  18. I still have an envelope from BnW here and it is sent from Kailua HI.

  19. Honolulu, Hawaii...where I would LOVE to travel to someday...then maybe I can meet Summer! :)

    Hugs~ Kim

  20. Honolulu, HI... NICE!
    First thing Christmas morning is Breakfast Pizza and Bagels n Locks... then we open gifts... then we spend time with the family which has grown from 5 of us to around 25 now, ranging from 2 years old to 81 years old. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  21. I am going to guess Honolulu, HI. (which sounds really good right about now!)

    Our family tradition for Christmas morning: We all come down in our PJ's and open up our stockings together! After the stockings we stop and get dressed and might grab something to eat and then we dive into the presents.

  22. Honolulu, Hawaii.
    on Christmas morning my son opens his presents from Santa we have a nice breakfast and just play with toys.

  23. We always have home made Christmas Tree sweet rolls for breakfast along with pumpkin, cranberry, and banana nut bread while we open our presents.
    Honolulu, Hawaii and I can't hardly wait to get mine..

  24. i think honolulu, hawaii
    our special christmas morning will be,
    working in our new home, we'll receive our key 21 of december, yippie
    so i dont have a lot of time
    thank you so much for the chance to win sweetie
    hugs angelique

  25. Well, I know it's Hawaii, because every time I've gotten a package, I feel a twinge of envy. LOL. I'd sure love to visit there one day. I think it's Honululu. Did I even spell that right?

    As for Christmas husband and I used to put a dollar limit on the presents that went under the tree, but no dollar limit on stocking gifts. It was so much fun to try to find really nice things to go in a little stocking. Then the stocking was the first thing we tackled in the morning. Another tradition we had was that each year, I'd get a Steiff animal and a piece of jewelry. He'd get a new tool and a WW2 item. My husband passed away last year. I'm going to make my own new traditions once I'm ready. So far, the only one I've got is that I stay home on Christmas Day. No running around to visit people...that happens before Christmas now.

  26. We don't really have any traditions as such except a cup of tea has to be made first for us parents and plenty of refuge sacks have to be on the floor at the ready in the middle of the 4 children lol.
    According to the web shop details, you are in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    Kim xXx

  27. Hi there - stamps are shipped from Honolulu Hawaii.
    The only Christmas tradition I can remember as a child is my Nan (who always came to stay over Christmas) making all the adults a cup of tea with a dram of whisky in it!! Yuk!! Sadly she is no longer with us but is remembered with much love every day of the year.
    Dawn x

  28. Honolulu, Hawaii. My parents always made us eat breakfast together before we opened presents! It was always painful to wait LOL!

  29. honolulu, hawaii. Love bells and whistles.

  30. Honululu, Hawaii....mmmm just thinking about it makes me smile!! ;)

  31. Hi,
    I receive my Belles 'n Whistles stamps from Honolulu, Hawaii ;-), so I suppose they are being shipped from there. :o)
    On christmasmorning the kids wake me up very early and then I go into the closed living room, light up all the candles and Christmas lights and put on some Christmas music. When I am done, I ring a little bell as a sign for the kids to come in and open presents. :-)
    XX Kathi

  32. I think Honolulu, HI.

    The first thing we do Christmas morning is gather as a family on mom and dad's bed and say a prayer of thanks for all our blessings. We like to do that before the distraction of gifts.

  33. The gorgeous stamps from Belles & Whsitles are shipped from Hawaï.

    On Christmas morning, as a little girl, I used to wake up, go in the dining room and have a lovely breakfast with some fresh traditional anised brioche (speciality from Marseilles), homemade by my mum with some hot chocolate, and then I would open my present and spend all day palying with them.

  34. We always have breakfast with my family. But first my boys wake us up and of course we go down to see what Santa has brought. We then open one or two presents, then we tease the kids because eat and then continue opening presents after breakfast. That is our weird tradition, been happening since I was a kid!

  35. We are always up early Christmas morning with our boys to see what Santa has brought. Then we have family visitng and exchange gifts before either having people round or going to family for dinner.I like to have some Buck's Fizz while they are here. Nighttime is time to relax and let all that gorgeous food digest!
    The stamps are shipped from Honolulu

  36. Honolulu, Hawaii. Had the pleasure of visiting a couple of months ago and loved the island of O'ahu. Kailua Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen.

    On Christmas eve morning (we celebrate on the 24th in home country, Sweden) I remember I used to run around the house eagerly waiting for my cousins to arrive and the festivities to get started...

  37. The amazing belles and whistles stamps are postmarked from Honolulu, Hawaii.

  38. BnW stamps ship from Honolulu, Hawaii.

    Christmas morning is when my hubby and I exchange presents for each other.

  39. The fab Belles n whistles stamps are shipped from Honolulu Hawaii...
    Trish (-:

  40. The stamps are shipped from Honolulu Hawaii. I loved the island when we lived there (1992-1995), my daughter was born at Tripler Medical Center, my husband was in the Navy.

    We don't really have any special traditions for Christmas morning. As the kids are older, there isn't a rush for them to open the presents.

    Happy Holidays.....

  41. Aus Honolulu kommen die zauberhaften Stempel :-)
    LG Sebrina

  42. B'N'W are from Honolulu, Hawaii :) And the service to Canada is amazing ;)) I have already asked my oldest son.. would he prefer many small presents or one big present.. he said... small but PLENTY :) hihihi
    hope you are all doing good.. ! Hugs x

  43. I believe BnW stamps are from Hawaii~~at least that is where my packages come from:)
    On Christmas morn I send dear hubby off to work~~yes he owns a milktrucking business and works 365 days. I grew up on a farm so truly it is ok:) then I check out my prezzies cuz we open presents with our kids on 23rd and with hubby's family on 24th and then at noon I go and visit my family:)
    Holiday Blessing s to all!!

  44. On Christmas Eve, we make homemade gingerbread cookies and leave one for Santa along with some milk and a few carrots for the reindeer. We then sprinkle reindeer dust on the front path (to make sure Rudolph can find us) and pop our "santa stop here" sign in the garden. On Christmas morning the first thing our daughter checks is if Santa has eaten his cookie and the reindeer have eaten their carrots - they are usually very messy and leave bits of chewed carrot all over the kitchen floor which makes our daughter squeal with delight! Hubby then cooks us all breakfast (usually pancakes or French Toast) and then we sit down and start opening gifts. We then usually go to my parents for a big extended family Christmas lunch! Aw, I can't wait until the 24th now!! Happy days! Hugs, Sem x
    Oops, almost forgot to answer the question - Honolulu, Hawaii.

  45. i too think its Honolulu Hawaii and we have quite a simple morning we start with a big cup of tea followed by presents and then a nice hot bacon sandwich yummy xx

  46. Those darling little stamps come all the way from sunny Honolulu Hawaii.

  47. The BnW stamps are shipped from Honolulu Hawaii...
    Hugs, Andreja

  48. I believe that the belles n` whistles stamps are shipped from Honolulu, Hawaii. We don't really have any special traditions for Christmas morning now that the kids are grown. We enjoy lingering over coffee and brunch. Later family start arriving to visit before we sit down to Christmas dinner.