Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lace and Beads... My Mystery Find...

Greetings everyone!
I couldn't wait to share my news with you all.... Ohhh my Goodness if you only knew what I had given to me!!!

When I arrived at work last Thursday, my boss who just so happens to be a Religious Sister, pulled me into a room, and said.... "I have been going through the closets and found more craft stuff than I know what to do with, would you be interested in coming over and taking a look?"  Well of course....  Apparently this rather large stash of "stuff" had once belonged to another Sister, and no one bothered to clear out her things from her crafting and sewing room after her passing.  It's sat there for a good 5 years, all neatly tucked away in plastic totes. 

Well, when Sister Thomas took me to the stash, I had to ask, "ARE YOU SURE YOU DONT WANT THIS?"  Wow, I can only tell you, that I had to take about 3 trips to my car with the amount of stuff she had given me.  Bags, and Bags of Lace, Ribbon, spool after spool of it...  I think it's enough to last 10 years.  If not more!  Boxes of pearls and beads, and all kinds of different things. 

After spending my entire evening that night, sorting and organizing it all, I decided that I was going to dig into it and create my card for today's post.

This is ONE LACY Card let me tell you!

I colored this adorable Cooking With Nana image with Copics, and of course added lots of lace from my new "Stash".  Adding some Prima Flowers, and do you see my little beaded pin stuck in behind one of the flowers?  can you guess where those beads came from?  yes yes, my new found treasure.

This Birthday card has a pull out tag, and I can't wait to send this one off to my mom for her birthday.  I think she's going to love it.

Just a reminder that our Belles 'n Whistles Challenge is still going on.  As long as you use ANY Elisabeth Bell designed Stamp, you can enter.  You have 3 more days to enter.  Why not go check it out?  We'd love to see you play along.


  1. Wow! How wonderful for you! Nice to know it will be lovingly used now!
    Your card is gorgeous - I'm sure your mum will adore it!
    This image makes me a little sad because my mother-in-law passed away just before Christmas - she loved to cook with my daughter when she went to stay with her!
    Love, Andrea xx

  2. I'm so happy for you!! It is always so exciting (and inspiring) to receive crafty stash! ENJOY it.
    Your card is so sweet.

  3. Wow! That is awesome. What a great surprise. and you've started using it in such a beautiful way. I love this card. It is really something! Good job. I hope you take your Sister to lunch!

  4. You lucky girl! What a find and how sweet of the Sister to share it with you. You made a fabulous card with your new goodies, too.