Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a Tiny Bit Different... What can I say?

Greetings Belles 'n Whistles Friends.  It feels as though I haven't posted here in ages.. Things have been busy busy busy, that's for sure....  But today I have something just a little different to show you. 

I created this card using some of the fabulous stamps from the Change-a-belles collection.  A little bit of masking, and a little bit of coloring, add in some scraps, and here is what you get.  (Yes, I really did create this card with left over scraps of paper)

My goal here was to sort of create a vintage feel.  I don't think it's completely vintage, but it does remind me of something a tad bit old.  But what do you think of the masking??  I combined "The Gathering Place" with the "Roses" from the "Cupcake/Roses/Tea" set also part of the Change-a-belles collection. 

I had been wanting to use this stamp as the main focus for quite some time, and FINALLY I got the chance to do exactly that.  Artist Elisabeth Bell truly is an amazing woman to create such beautiful designs for Belles 'n Whistles.

Just a reminder that there are only 3 more days after today, to enter into this weeks Belles 'n Whistles Challenge.  I hope to see you playing along, it's a fun one, I promise! 

Thanks for visiting today....


  1. Wow you've done a fabulous job Lynda. This is gorgeous.


  2. very pretty and just so summery .x