Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Productive Day of Play

Hello there!  Hope you're all well and enjoying the warm Spring days!  Do you see flowers blooming in your backyards, hear birds chirping away happily in the shaded trees, lizards out and about enjoying the sun upon their backs on their favorite rock?  Ahhhh, the wonderful feelings Spring brings huh?  :)

This little cutie here "A Fairy Good Rest" makes me imagine a couple things.  One .. she just played out in the sunshine ALL day long chasing dragonflies and butterflies and now she is SO ready for a rest.  lol! 

Or I imagine her laying on that leaf, slowly twirling her finger in the water below her because her mama told her to take a nap .. and she's thinking, "sigh .. I'm NOT tired.  I want to PLAY!"  (But look at her!  She's definitely sleepy!  hehe!)  Does your child tell you that?  That they're not tired but you know they are?!  My little boy says that all the time.  :)

Well, thank you so much for visiting us today!  I hope you all have a beautiful day wherever you are!  Don't forget to join us in our current challenge over at our Belles 'n Whistles Challenge Blog .. you have lots of time left to do Anki's beautiful sketch!  :)


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  1. How beautiful is this card. I just love what you have done and you always get the roses in the right places. Hugs Rita XXXX