Wednesday, June 22, 2011

happy vacation

Hello ladies!

Happy vacation - this is what this card says. And I can tell you - I could really use some too. My husband had 1.5 weeks off but instead of relaxing and taking some family time we (finally) re-did our bathroom. It´s still not finished and I can´t stand the dirt everywhere in the house anymore. So I made this vacation card and am just dreaming of really being able to enjoy the summer. Okay, not that there is any weather to enjoy so far.LOL

The saying means something like to "leave all cares behind" and so even if you aren´t able to go on a trip far away you can have your little holiday buy just sitting there, enjoying nature and thinking about whatever comes to your mind. Just like this cute little fairy seems to do. She´s listening to the birds and sounds of nature, smelling the flowers and just dreaming the day away. Maybe a little later she´ll lay in the grass and watch the clouds...

This cutie is called "Fairy Fond Thoughts" and this name is so perfect for her. Of course she needed to be colored in pink, always the first color that comes to my mind when I think of fairies. And of coures I also had to add a bunch of Stickles to her wings... I love how they just let the color shine through and remind me of dragonfly wings...

So, I am wishing all of you a wonderful day and if you have a chance to - take the time to leave all cares behind, even if it´s just for a few minutes!


  1. Really lovely card Kruemel, just love these lovely fairies. Hope you do get a vacation soon, I know what its like to have a new bathroom, dust gets everywhere for weeks after you have cleaned up ! Big Hugs JO.xx

  2. So beautiful... I love, love the pink, and always the adorable little girl stamps. :o)

  3. This is so so pretty, adorable image and beautifully embellished.
    Kim xXx