Friday, July 22, 2011

becoming a big brother

Hello Belles'n'Whistles fans! Nice to see you here today.

As all of you know our own Summer gave birth to a wonderful baby girl only a few weeks ago. Of course I needed to send her a little something for the baby. But being a big sister my own I know how it feels when you have been the one the whole world was about and then everyone seems to be interested in the new baby... ( We all know this is never truth but that's how the "big ones" feel sometimes). I know Andrew is great but I thought he might enjoy a little something as well. And since I guess my letter made it all the way across the ocean now I am sharing the card I made for him.

I used "Wheeling By" here - and also "Little Eden". I know, she's usually bigger but I stamped her, scanned her and let her shrink so she would fit on/in that cart. And so it looks like a big brother that is proudly carrying around his little sister... Wouldn't it be fun to see these two passing by your house?

These are the Copics I used to do the coloring:

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

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  1. This is stunning and I am sure it very much appreciated by Andrew.
    Kim xXx