Saturday, December 17, 2011

Advent Calendar Door # 17

Hello dear B'n'W Fans!
Oh, where has time gone? Door # 17 of our advent calendar is opening already...

This is Kathrin and today I am sharing with you my favourite christmas tradition. But before I do so I am sending congrats to

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Okay, now on to my favourite christmas tradition. I know there are several and different ones in each country anf of course most of the ones we have in our family are german. Some are taken over from my own childhood, some are just "because you do so" traditions but we also added one to our family - and maybe because we created it ourself it is my favourite one.

Here in Bavaria, in the south of Germany, it's not Santa who brings the gifts but "Christkind" - christ child. It's meant to be little Jesus but it's always shown as a beautiful angel with golden locks, big wings and a long dress. 
Of course it's not working alone - it has a big amount of angels helping her/him (it's neutral in German so I really don't know if I should call "it" her or him LOL). And some of them are out every night to pick the wish lists from the kids'  windows where they put them. 
Every year on the first or second sunday of advent the whole family comes together at our dining table, we bring papers, pens, cookies and hot drinks, are listening to christmas songs and are all together writing our wishlists. Well, we are not only writing them but also decorate them and each year we create some real masterpieces including decorated envelopes. I kept them all... ;) And we are always having a lot of fun together, are laughing and singing and every year this one special afternoon ends way too fast - but the girls are so much excited about placing their wishlists so the angels can pick them up.
We had to think of something special since there is a balcony conected to my girls'  room and so they have two doors and two really big windows so nothing the little angels might find those wish lists. So we have a string with cloths pins that have letters attached forming the word "Wunschzettel" which is the german word for wishlist. And to those pins we connect the letters... During the night the angels come to pick them up and in exchange they leave a little chocolat angel every year.
The girls have always been wondering how those angels can come inside the house to take the letters and I remember that one year when they just started thinking about what a classmate said about Christkind and his/her angels not existing. Exactly the night when we took off the whishlists our cat seems to have jumped on the table where our advent wreath was standing and it was decorated with that golden angels' hair. One of these stuck to the cat's fur and fell off close to the string with the wishlists. I didn't even realize it before my girls saw this one "angel's hair" and were sure again Christkind and the angels are real and one of these angels has come to our house last night...

So, for the card I am sharing today I have used 

since it fits so wonderfully to my story about the Christkind's angels...

So, I hope you've all written your wishlists! And if you forgot to do so just enter your name to Mr. Linky here to have a chance to at least find one gift under the tree - a beautiful BnW stamp.

Happy 4th of advent everyone!


  1. Was für eine nette Tradition Kathrin!! Wünsch dir auch einen schönen 4. Advent!

  2. This card is gorgeous!!! Congrats to Bonnie!! Hugsxx

  3. Liebe Kathrin, das ist ein wunderschöner Brauch !!! und die Geschichte mit dem Engelshaar (*lol) einfach perfekt ... danke für deine Erzählung und dein tolles Kärtchen
    LG hellerlittle

  4. Such a lovely tradition. Thanks for sharing.
    Gorgeous card and such a beautiful image.

  5. Oh I WON WHOOO HOOO I see my name and it's MINE. Yeah I am so happy happy happy! Thank you so much. Omgosh I can't express how thankful I am.

    WOW that is one of the most amazing traditions ever. I love it so much, than you for sharing.
    Your card is gorgeous I love all the silver and white.
    Hugs Bonnie

  6. Love your tradition Kathrin!! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Really gorfgeous card here again. You girls are just sooo talented, and I wish I cpould color like this. Awesome work.

  8. Great to read how you celebrate Christmas ;o)
    Your card is lovely ..

  9. Danke für deine bzw. eure Geschichte liebe Kathrin, diese Tradition gefällt mir sehr...
    Liebs Grüessli,

  10. Beautiful work!!! and I like very much your tradition... in my family don't use Santa Claus, we use little Jesus too. But I loved your story and how your family celebrates.