Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent - Door #21

Greetings my friends,
Oh my oh My......  Look how close to the end of our Advent festivities we are! 

I hope that you all have been enjoying the fun, and the inspiration that you've been seeing here at Belles 'n Whistles, this holiday season.

We have a winner to announce....  Yesterdays winner is....  hellerlittle

Congratulations!!!  By now, I'm sure you all know the routine....  Simply click on the "Email Summer" button on the side bar, and shoot her an email letting her know that you won, and which Holiday stamp you'd like to have.  Whether new or old, the choice is yours. =)

I really didn't prepare anything in particular to show you all today, BUT... I do have something quite messy to share....  You see I've been a part of an art journaling class...  The assignment was to be messy.... They said that the sloppier your work looked, the better, they didn't want to see any sort of neat and tidy work... OHHHH MY... that was quite a challenge for me, BUT.... It's fun, the art journaling class, really helps you start to think outside your comfort zone....  since I used an absolutely Darling stamp on this crazy mess of mine, I just had to share it....

Talk about an honest to goodness MESS....  LOL

Alright, that has nothing to do with what we're doing today, but I just had to share it anyway.. LOL

Today, we have TWO questions for you... and we TRULY WOULD LOVE to hear your anwers...

So rather than putting a linky thing at the bottom of the post, you can simply enter by leaving your comment with your answers.  This is going to be fun to see what you all think!
Question #1:   If you could choose ONE THING that you wish you could do better (in the crafting world) What would it be? 

Question #2:    What things do you hope to see from Belles 'n Whistles in the coming year?

Summer, and the rest of us here at Belles 'n Whistles can't wait to hear what your answers will be.

Simply leave your answers in the comment section, and we will choose a winner using, come back tomorrow, and see if you've won.  It's THAT Simple!  =)


  1. I would love to be able to colour better and oh yes I am working on it! What would I like to see in the New year? Mmmm that is a tricky one because Belles and Whistles cover such a lot. Well Elisabeth Bell has a lovely swing stamp which I bought and I have nothing to sit her on (don't ask! lol), so maybe this would be a good thing to do, a nice slim girly sitting image otherwise just carry on as you are doing, anything nice and girly suits me, and I love the style! Happy Chrtistmas to you all too. Judy x

  2. Ow what is it that I would do better .. ehhh I think learning to color better with my Prisma Colored Pencils ;o)
    I would love to see a stamp that is holding a photocamera or one that taking pictures ;o)

    Hugs, Janneke XO

  3. I Vould love to be better in Vintage.. and to do things a bit sloppier sometimes, to manage to make a worn and Vintage look bettter. and to actually finish a card one evening.. I always use days and days on my card.. I therefore don´t do so many.. I

    I would love to see stamps from you done a bit vintage.. And more Accessories stamps. -Swirls, Sentiments and so on.. to combine with your stamps. And also to be used on Vintage, and other projects together.
    And now on to your projects. I had to remember the questions. I love the idea to me messy.. like this. And I am sure on the next project you will be able to be a bit messy.. and it will work out.. I think the background you have made is stunning.. the bright color is absolutely noticeable.. :o).. You have to see it..
    Well done! :o)

  4. Question #1: If you could choose ONE THING that you wish you could do better (in the crafting world) What would it be?
    I would love to be a great needlewoman, but I would never make it * sigh
    Question #2: What things do you hope to see from Belles 'n Whistles in the coming year?
    That´s a little bit easier *lol
    I would love to see stamps from you done a bit vintage.. And more Accessories stamps. -Swirls, Sentiments and so on.. to combine with your stamps. And also to be used on Vintage, and other projects together.

    and now a least TAHNKS A BUNCH for me choosing a winner from yesterday *hug
    CU hellerittle

  5. The first question is easy - shabby chic! I love the look but cannot seem to do it :(

    The second question not so easy - I have no idea what I want to see from you this next year! I just know that I love everything you do :) Thanks for this fun advent calendar!

    rebeccadunham at hotmail dot com

  6. My answer to the first question is easy as I really have to improve on my colouring! I really feel like I have to learn a lot with my Copics and I am still not sure if Copics are the right thing for me...well, I already have bought far too much markers yet...;)
    The second question is a bit trikcy! What I would like to see more at Belles'n' really love your Halloween witch...perhaps one or two more Halloween stamps? I love Halloween, although it is not much celebrated here in Austria. LIke the other girls above mentioned some accessoiries stamps would be nice as well.

  7. hallo,
    ich werde versuchen, besser meine abdrücke zu colorieren, große flächen hab ich immer schwierigkeiten.
    ich würd mir gern mehr tiere ,Animals (katzen usw) wünschen.
    ein schönes weihnachtsfest allen.
    lg gila

  8. als 1. würde ich regelmäßiger Karten fertig machen, welche dann auch mal clean and simpel sind.
    und als 2. wünsche ich mir mehr Tiere.
    Luebe Grüße Manuela

  9. Ok first off Merry Christmas and thank you for putting on this wonderful advent calendar for us!!!

    1. I would love to have more time in my craft room and I would love to improve more on my colouring. I have the right tools just need the technique!!

    2. I love all the bells n whistle stamps. so I would just say keep doing what you are doing because that is working!! :)

    Happy Holidays!!

  10. First off I would like to master distress look/shabby chic cards.
    Second, I would love to see more angels like the christmas one but not to be used solely for christmas.
    I love all the BnW stamps as is, with that addition I would be a happy bunny.
    The art journal pages look fab.

  11. I would like to be able to color better.
    I can't think of anything I would change at Belles n Whistles.
    Your journal pages are great.

  12. Merry Christmas everyone. I would like to be able to colour pastel shades better. And as far as Belles and Whistles goes I love there stamps, Maybe some more cute boy images
    hugs Julie P

  13. For next year I'll try to be a bit more organized, foremost with the Christmas cards, but also generally speaking. This year I made too many belated birthday cards. :-) I'd love to see some boy/male a little fisherman and a golfer.

  14. What a fun project to make it messy, but I admit, it looks much better, than I ahd thought. Well done and the image is cute he he.
    What would I like to get better on? That´s easy, I would sooo love to learn to color better, especially with Copics, and particularly hair, as I´m totally impossible to that, I´m afriad LOL.
    What I would like to see from you?
    I would like to see a more sentimetns to fit with your gorgeous stamps, which I just sooo love and use sooo much.
    Have a wonderful holiday everyone.

  15. I would like to improve myself in vintage style cards, it is my favourite look on cards.

    Like some people have already mentioned, I would like to see, either some pretty vintage images, or cute animal images.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!


  16. I would love to be able to do shabby chic better and embellishments...I would love to see something very modern and cute
    Mina xxx

  17. Beautiful your art journaling!!!! ques tion One... are many!!!! Since I live in a country just beginning to use these techniques, I wish we get all these nice things that beautify our work. Learning to make better use of watercolor pencils, and have more time to do my crafts.
    Recently I met you and I can not answer on this question 2.