Monday, April 2, 2012

April Showers with Christmas Power!!

Hello Belles n' Whistles fans!!  Thanks for joining me here today!
I thought that during those rainy days in April, that this would be a great time to sneak in a Christmas card here and there!  I always seem to run out of time right before the Christmas rush, don't you?!
And I haven't been able to ink up one of these really darling stamps that came out in November anyway!
I made this fun Christmas card with the adorable Andrew's Christmas Stocking from none other than the Belles n' Whistles store!!  So give yourself a treat and buy up those Christmas stamps now so you can work on your Christmas designs while you still have the time! :)
I really miss those fun Christmas mornings when the boys were little...they're so sweet!!

Sorry to say that this will be my last posting here at Belles n' Whistles.  Life just gets in the way and doesn't always allow us to do the things that we'd like to do.  I will very much miss my friends here at Belles n' Whistles and wish each and every one of them the best ever!!  Thanks to everyone for their wonderful words of encouragement and friendship!  BIGGEST HUGS AND SMILES!!!


  1. Ohhh!! Vicky, this is adorable!!! The little boy is sooo sweet!

    I'm really sorry to see you go, hun, I've loved your designs!!!


  2. Adorable little boy Vicki, such a gorgeous Christmas card...

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. What a great card Vicki ;o)
    Sorry to see you go sweetie .. I give you a big cyber hug.

    Janneke XO

  4. Oh my goodness, how cute. I love the flowers and what a fun image. TFS.

  5. Vicki, such a lovely card! These flowers are wonderful!

    hugs Regina

  6. Vicki, Your christmas card is just darling. I'm sure everyone will miss you. I always tell myself I'm going to make some Christmas cards during the year and I never seam to get any done. Just beautiful.
    Hugs, Pat

  7. The time to make Christmas and Holiday cards is....ALWAYS. They're my favorite cards to make. I love this card and know you will be missed! Hugs, Gail

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